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Say The Word

No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Say The Word

Pathetic Shawna
Pathetic Shawna hovers at edge She does and says the wrong things ,likes to have it her way ,and will do anything any of her stupid friends tell her.
Evil Shawna
Evil shawna is always thinking, planning and blurting out stuff that Perfect Shawna ould never say secretly, she likes evil Shawna but, is scared of her too.
Perfect Shawna
Perfect Shawna obeys the rules follow her dad's orders, makes perfect grades, and it polite.
Allison Gilleo

Say The Word
Shawna is a girl with many personalities. Perfect Shawna,Pathetic Shawna, and evil Shawna.
More about the book.
Shawna is a girl with many personalities. her dad is a famous doctor that is probably the strictest and meanest dad her mom left them to live with someone else and actually marry them. then her mom dies. Her best friend lee lee is at her side and she has ups and downs with her ex-friend susan.
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