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No description

skya mitchell-brost

on 9 December 2016

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Transcript of Rules

Main characters
Catherine-Physical-Blond,blue eyes,taned,short Personality-Kind,quet,and informal
Catherine is growing up and she has to learn how to be responsible for herself and her brother David which has autism. She also has to learn how to exept the fact that she will never have a normal life. Catherine has to make a decision if she is going to go to the dance with Jason or not. When Catherine gets to the dance she doesn't see Jason for a while so she was debating on leaving or staying for a little longer to see if Jason shows up.
Author: Cynthia Lord
Is a children's author
Born: New Hampshire, United states
Her life as a writer started at age four with a song collaboration with her older sister( Cynthia's older sister helped her write down the lyrics because Cynthia couldn't write
Catherine and Davids parents house
Kristy's house
OT( occupational Therapy
Took place in the late1900
Other Characters
Catherine and Davids parents
Kristie's mom
Other characters
Stephanie Davids speech therapist
Jason's speech therapist

Other Settings
Jason's house
community center
Bus stop
Parking lot
Climax (turning point)
How the Dynamic Characters changed
Static characters
Catherine is an twelve year old girl who wants a normal life but she can not have that because her brother has autism.Catherine has to go to the clinic every Tuesday and Thursday for her brother David to have speech lessons. While Catherine was at the clinic her mom was reading her a book when Catherine looked over and saw a boy in a wheelchair and started drawing him . His mom noticed and said are you drawing my son.
The climax or turning point was when Catherine went to Jason's house for his birthday party. Jason was being nice and invited David to come over for just cake. Catherine noticed that David was eating cake with his hands and started demanding for more cake, by this time Catherine was embarrassed. Jason then came over to Catherine and asked her if she would like to go to the dance and Catherine said no because she only dances when she is alone in her room . Shortly after that happened Catherine ran out the door with David crying.
The guy in the wheelchair looked at the picture and liked it soon after Catherine was drawing more pictures for him and they became friends.A new neighbor moved in beside Catherine's house she was so excited to meet them because they had a girl her age that Catherine could play with. A few days later Catherine went over to her house and they instantly became friends. Her name was Kristy.
Thanks for watching!!!
Catherine-Catherine is the only dynamic character in the book she has never broken a rule and she just wants a normal life. But near the end of the book Catherine learns to except David and Jasons differences and she comes out of her comfort
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