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Noe Ayala

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Delphi

Sight Seeing
Delphi Archaeological Museum
“Most Important museum In Greece"
The omphalos “ If a person were called to fix the object in the modern museum of Delphi that best expresses the importance of the ancient sanctuary, he would, without hesitation, name the omphalos, the navel.”
The hotels would probably most likely be near bodies of water. They are really big/beautiful buildings. Come visit the beautiful scenery to get a nice relaxing vacation The hotels have great service, and Again,BEAUTIFUL scenery!!.
Other Important Facts
Delphi would be an amazing place to go if you like to wear dresses and sandals. Or just hot weather clothing. Sandals are very useful for hot days.

Visit some of Delphi’s amazing sites.Make sure to dress for mildly if you coming for the summer

“The Temple of Apollo” “The Greeks always remembered that Delphi it had been an important oracle even in an age when they had not yet venerated Apollo”
Cleobis and Biton “The museum of Delphi has many statues and art objects from this period. Their names are Cleobis and Biton, and they lived in Argos.”
Sports-Pythian Games-”Ancient Greeks considered Delphi the “navel” of Greece. The Pythian games were claimed to have started strictly as a music competition, but they later incorporated athletic activities in an attempt to imitate the Olympic Games in Olympia.
delphi Stadium-”High up the hill, beyond the sacred way and the Theater the ancient stadium is nested. It was built in the 5th c. B.C. and it was remodeled several times during the centuries. Its present form was acquired in the 2nd c. A.D. when Herodus Atticus financed the stone seating and the arched entrance.”
The pomegranate fruit was a symbol of married love.
For breakfast the Delphi people would usually eat bread dipped in wine with fruit.
Lunch might be bread and cheese.
For dinner people ate porridge made from barley, with cheese, fish, vegetables, eggs and fruit.
Only rich people got to eat meat.
The olive was the most valuable tree in Greece.
People ate fruit but also crushed olives to make olive oil.
They used oil for cooking, in oil lamps, and cosmetics.
Also octopus was a favourite seafood.
For pudding people ate nuts, figs and cakes sweetened with honey.
Rich people always ate at home; only slave and poor people

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