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The World According to Humphrey Book Report!

No description

Savannah Bowers

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of The World According to Humphrey Book Report!

The World According to Humphrey
By: Betty G Birney The Plot Humphrey, a small hamster, is room 26's class pet and loved by everyone, except Mrs. Brisbane the teacher. Humphrey was bought by Mrs. Mac the temporary teacher of room 26 while Mrs. Brisbane was out for a couple of weeks after her husband got in a car wreck. When Mrs. Brisbane returns she is disgusted by Humphrey and wants to get rid of him right away. Even though Humphrey loves room 26 Mrs. Brisbane is determined to send Humphrey away and will not stop until her goal is reached. The Characters Setting Humphrey: Humphrey is the main character and the point of veiw for the story. Humphrey also is the class pet in Mrs. Brisbane's class and loved by every student. He is always looking forward to adventure and willing to help any student in trouble. From living in a class room Humphrey learns to read and write, becomig a very smart hamster. Humphrey also learns many things from going home over the weekends with different students, he even learns how to protect himself from animals bigger than him by shooting rubber bands. On weekdays Humphrey will escape from his cage to explore when school is over. Mrs. Brisbane Mrs. Brisbane is a grumpy old teacher who teaches room 26 at Longfellow elementary. Her husband was recently in a car crash and had to miss a couple of weeks of school. Mrs. Brisbane hates Humphrey and is determined to get rid of Humphrey. The Class of room 26 Room 26 has many different students that are always looking foreward to taking Humphrey home. Mrs. Mac Mrs. Mac was the substitute teacher of room 26 for a couple of weeks while Mrs. Brisbane was out. Mrs. Mac bought Humphrey as a class pet not knowing that Mrs. Brisbane would freak out when she saw Humphrey in her room. Aldo Aldo is the janitor at Longfellow elementary school. Aldo works at night once everyone leaves school. Humphrey and Aldo become best friends, even though all Aldo hears from Humphrey is squeak squeak squeak . Longfellow Elementary Longfellow Elementary is where most of the events take place in this story. Humphrey lives in room 26 as a class pet for Mrs. Brisbane's class. Humphrey is always ready to escape and explore the school. The student's houses Every weekend Humphrey goes home with a different student. At each house Humphrey goes on various wild adventures, helps out the family secretly, and learns new things such as how to shoot a rubber band at a dog when you are being attaked! Mrs. Brisbane's house There is a day when every student is going out of town for the weekend and there is no one to take care of Humphrey except Mrs. Brisbane, where Humphrey knows all will not go well The Climax! The climax of this story was when Humphrey was in the car heading towards Mrs. Brisbane's house. Humphrey knew that all would not go well.....and Humphrey was right. My Opinion I think the World According to Humphrey was an amazing book. It had excitement, humor, and parts where I couldn't put the book down! I would reccomend this book to anyone that likes funny books and animals. My rating to this book is five stars.
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