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britt nystrom

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Judaism

JUDAISM There are 13-14 million people
in the world practicing Judaism The vast majority of Judaism's live in the
United States or Isreal, both with 5-6 million Jews There are 3 different sects in the Judaism religion Conservative Judaism Orthadox Judaism Reform Judaism - believes that God is real and that God's
will is made known through revelation

- devoted to the laws of the Torah

- believes that Judaism has been evolving
meet the needs of the Jewish people - bound to preserving rituals and traditions

- willing and eager to preserve the faith EXACTLY
as it was revealed to the people of God

- strong and unalterable gender roles prevail

-takes the literalist and fundamentalist approach
to issues of faith - believes that innovation can take
place while preserving traditions

- affirms beliefs without rejecting
those who doubt it

- committed to the absolute equality
of women in all areas of the Jewish

- are accepting of gays in the
synogagues and in their daily lives What are the core beliefs of Judaism? Judaism does not have any formal set of beliefs. The
closest thing they have is Ramban's 13 Principals of
Faith. The principals are the minimal requirements
of Jewish belief. Those principals are: I God Exists
II God is incorporeal
III God is one and unique
IV God is eternal
V Prayer is to be directed to God alon
VI The words of the prophets are true
VII Moses's prophecies are true and Moses
was the greatest of the prophets
VIII The written Torah and oral Toral were
given to Moses
IX There will be NO other Torah
X God knows the thoughs and deeds of
XI Gos will reward the good and punish the
XII The Messiah will come
XIII The dead will be resurrected
What is the Jewish sacred text? The Jewish Holy book is the Torah
(sacred writtings) and consists of the
five books of Moses: - Genesis
- Numbers
- Exodus
- Leviticus
- Deuteronomy Within the Torah there are 613 commandments
which are the basis of the conventional relationship
God and the Jewish people A Jewish church is called a Synagogue, Shul, or Temple The Belz Synagogue in Jerusalem, Isreal Synagogues or Temples are places that centers
of Jewish worship, where sacrifices were performed.
These places of worship have many ritual items and
event in them. The Torah can be found here along
with Jewish confermation ceremonies. How do Jews worship? - Worship mainy happens in synagogues

- Jews pray in a congregation 3 times a day

- Studying the Torah is another form of worship

- The Holy day is Saturday - Shabbat Important Jewish Holidays - Roch Ha-Shanah : occurs on the 1st and 2nd day of the first
month of the Jewish calendar, its the first Jewish holiday of
the year. marks the birth of the world. known as the day of
the renewal of the Jewish calendar, the day of judgement,
and the day of remembrance

- Passover : commemorates the
exodus from Egypt. marks the
harvesting season.

- Hannukah : known as the
'celebration of lights.' This is
celebrated in memory of the miricle of oil during rededication.
only Jewish holiday not found in the bible Jewish Historical Site The Temple Mount or Noble Sanctuary,
is a elevated plateau in the Old City of
Jerusalem, rich with history and religious
importance. Judaism regards the Temple
Mount as the place where God chose the
Divine Presence to rest, it was from here
the world expanded into its present form
and where God gathered the dust used to create the first man,
Adam. The site is the location of Abraham's binding of Isaac,
and of two Jewish Temples. Historical People Leaders Jesus : Judaism is a monotheistic religion.
God is normally known under the name
Yahweh or Jehovah.

Abraham : the founding patriarch of the
Israelites, Ishmaelites, Edomites, and the
Midianites and kindred peoples,
according to the book of Genesis.

Moses : There is a wealth of stories and
additional information about Moses in
the Jewish apocrypha, as well as in the
primary works of the Jewish oral law, the
Mishnah and the Talmud. Rabbi : Teacher and decider of matters of religious law

Chazan : who leads congregation in prayer

Gabbai : Volunteer who assists with Torah readings

Kohein : Descendant of Aaron, the original High Priest

Levi : Descendant of the biblical Levites

Tzaddik : A righteous person with spiritual power Stereotypes View on other Faiths When was Judaism Created? Rites of Passage False Stereotypes:

- Jewish men are cheap, neurotic
mamma's boys, not handsome
and macho like gentile men.

- Jewish women are materialistic,
frigid and plain, not fun and sexy
like gentile women.

- Judaism maintains that the righteous of all nations have a place
in the world to come. This has been the majority rule since the
days of the Talmud.

- Judaism generally recognizes that Christians and Moslems
worship the same God that we do and those who follow the
tenets of their religions can be considered righteous in the
eyes of God.

- Contrary to popular belief, Judaism does not maintain that Jews
are better than other people. Although they refer to themselves
as God's chosen people, they do not believe that God chose the
Jews because of any inherent superiority. - It is the oldest of the Western religions started around 2000 BC.

- The roots of Judaism can be traced to a covenant through which
God formed a permanent relationship with the Jews. This was
through the prophet Abraham who is seen as the patriarch of the
Jewish people and then the prophet Moses who was given the
Torah - law on Mount Sinai by God.

- The exodus from slavery in Egypt (the Passover) and the founding
of their own country in Canaan established in the minds of the
Jews that they were the chosen people of God. - On the 8th day of a Jewish baby boy's like they are at the center of
the Brit Milah (covenant of circumcision). A ceremony for infant girls
is also perfomed on their 8th day of life, the girls ceremony has two
different names; the Brit Hayyim (covenant of life) and the Brit Bat
(covenant of the daughter).

- Bar Mitzvah : In Judaism, a boy is considered to be old enough to take
on his religious duties when he is 13 years of age. To prepare a Jewish
boy must learn Hebrew and how to intone the Hebrew when reading
from a scroll of the Torah in the synagogue.

- Kiddushin : The Jewish word for marriage is Kiddushin. In a Jewish
wedding, the bride stands on the right hand side of the groom. The
wedding ceremony takes place under a four-poster canopy
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