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No description

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Roadmap

Self Publishing
Improve Author Experience by providing:
An independent platform to choose the services based on need & Pay as you go
Status visibility
Improve Internal ops:
By ability to scale the operation to handle more titles

Internal Ops
Automated workflow for varying services chosen
Choose services based on need
Pay as you go
Status tracking
40-42 Months
Retire onlineTracker
Contributors collaboration
Book structuring/re-structuring
Manuscript package preparation for production
Internal Ops
Author Experience-Academic Books


3-4 Months
Task Review
Upload/Download documents for review
Schedule information

Dashboard- Receivables/Deliverable
Task Follow Up and Notification
Mirror Correspondence in RT
Improve Author Experience by providing:
Communication & Collaboration in a single place
Status Visibility

Internal Ops
Author Experience-Multi Contribs
Contributors tracking
Files listed separately
Less follow up and tracking
Notification for authors & contributors
Improve Author Experience for the Volume Editors & Individual contribs by providing:
Communication & Collaboration in a single place even when the manuscript is in the initial preparation stage
Status Visibility for all contributors

Internal Ops
Author Experience- Mobile Platform
Mobile platform for:
Notification & Correspondence
Task Review
Upload/Download documents for review
Mobile Platform for:
Dashboard- Receivables/Deliverables
Task Follow Up and Notification
Improve Author Experience by providing a mobile platform:
For correspondence on the go
For review on the go

File Management
Improve Author Experience by:
Providing correct files for review
Improve quality of internal ops by:
Reducing possibility of incorrect versions being transferred

6-7 Months
Author Experience-Professional Books
Improve Author Experience by providing:
Version history of prior editions available for easy reference & integration for loose leafs, if required

Publisher Platform
Improve Publisher Experience by providing:
Communication & Collaboration in a single place
Status Visibility

Workflow Management
Improve Internal Operations by:
Providing flexibility to handle varying requests
Improving efficiency of PMs' to cater to varying requests on their own

Content w/ Process
Improve Internal Operations efficiency by:
Improving TAT by removing multiple layers of manual validation checks (thereby reducing cost)
Reducing induced errors
Status Visibility for PMs

Internal Ops
File versioning & file management
Internal Ops
Version management for prior editions
Integration with client online tracker (Miser)?
Retire EProof
Internal Ops
Online status tracker
Internal Ops
Workflow Configuration for different titles
Book journey based on configured workflow
Integrate with mTrack
Internal Ops
Auto updating of status based on content & process
Retire RT
14-16 Months
20-22 Months
24-26 Months
28-30 Months
32-34 Months
36-38 Months
Capability n
Improve Author Experience by providing:
Ipsum Lorem

Internal Ops
Ipsum Lorem
Ipsum Lorem
46-48 Months
Internal Ops

All teams in Newgen started using the
new system. PM now can configure
the workflow in the core platform and
it will be sent to the document management
server; based on this, the state of the
manuscript will be changed automatically.

Publisher experience added into the core platform

Author Experience

Reports/Analytics added into the system. As at this stage we have all the data as part of Core platform, any kind of report can be generated.

Added REST API to the core platform.
Any third party system can start communicate with the core platform.

Document Management system for
versioning of the manuscript.
The system will ensure everyone
gets the latest version of manuscript

The tools like CEGenius, Indesign started send
reports using which Core platform will perform some validations when user finishes the tasks.
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