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Picking up everything in its way

No description

Gene Monahan

on 6 April 2016

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Transcript of Picking up everything in its way

A new home
After the storm hit, the people who survived, or atleast most, packed up their belongings that survied and went off to find jobs in different areas.
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Here are
some extra assets :
The people lost many beloved things including: Animals
loved ones
and life its-self

Why it happened
During the early 1900's, doughts happened frequently in the U.S. These droughts caused dust to pick up in the wind. One day, all of the dust picked up and blew away

Black Sunday

Picking up everything in its path

By: Grace Martin

Black Sunday began on April 14, 1935. It went all the way from Oklahoma to Arizona.
All of the people were terrified
We couldn't see anything
What it felt like
It was miserable, scary unforgettable, horrid, and depressing to all living things because of the distuction caused by the dust.
Music by: Bensound
Dust storm disaster
The dust bowl
Black Sunday: April 14, 1935
Black Sunday
Dust Bowl
What the dust storm looked like
A dust storm is a storm of dust that is a death-like black rippleing ocean of dust and debree. Black sunday reached over 100 feet tall and it made everything pitch black.Black Sunday began on April 14, 1935. It went all the way from Oklahoma to Arizona. The people in the moment felt scared and alone.
When it was
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