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Ground to Grinder Olivia KInman

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 19 November 2015

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Transcript of Ground to Grinder Olivia KInman

Salt Spin Dryer
All salt begins in the sea. Sea salt water is pumped straight from the ocean into shallow ponds. The salt water is then evaporated to make salt. The salt then is pumped into different ponds and left to dry in the natural rays in the sun. After this is done the end product is called 'Maiden Brine'
This layer of salt is then lifted by a 'harvester'. Trucks or large conveyer belts take the salt to be processed or stored outdoors in large stockpiles. This normally is only harvested once a year. There are many salt crystal sizes at this stage.
All salt is then washed twice using a saturated salt solution. The salt is then transported into a factory via conveyer belts.
The salt is then spun in a salt spin dryer and to remove any moisture.
Crushing and Delivering
The salt is then sieved and crushed into various sizes as the final step before it is packed and ready to ship off to supermarkets. Salt crystals that are crushed even further
make cooking salt, a medium sized crystal and table salt, a fine sized crystal. The salt is packed along the production line and sent to the warehouse so it’s ready to be sent to the stores.
At this stage, brine is further evaporated and is ready for crystillasation of the salt. This is when a hard, thick layer of crystals are formed.

The salt spinner is very efficient for the people producing salt. In the old days salt was first dried in the natural sun rays. Then the salt was spread out onto a heated conveyer belt. Nowadays the salt is placed into a salt spin dryer. A salt spin dryer is a piece of equipment that is like a clothes dryer but specially made for salt.
Ground to Grinder Australian salt production By Olivia Kinman
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