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Grammar Level 2

Based on Magic Lens, level 2 of the grammar. Parts of a sentence.

Sharanda Payseur

on 22 February 2011

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Transcript of Grammar Level 2

Parts of a Sentence: Level 2 B. Parts of Sentence
1. subject
2. predicate
a. direct object
b. indirect object
c. subject complement
d. object complement
Noun or Pronoun predicate:
verb + subject complement
verb + object Predicate
Simple predicate: the verb
Complete predicate: verb + everything else I went to the store. went = simple predicate

went to the store = complete predicate Direct Object:
a noun or object pronoun which receives the action of the action verb. The action verb is transitive. I kicked the dog. Subject: pronoun 'I' predicate: kicked the dog kicked = predicate verb
action verb
transitive dog = direct object following
transitive action verb
(receives the transfered action) Indirect object:
a noun or object pronoun located between he action verb and the direct object.

It is indirectly affect by the action. Notice that if there is an indirect object, there must be a direct object, and so the action verb is still transitive.

We gave him the business.

HIM is the indirect object. Subject complement: a noun, subject pronoun, or adjective which complements the subject; it is linked to the subject by a linking verb.

In a sense, the subject complement renames the subject. (Generally called predicate adjectives and predicate nominatives)

Bob is a painter. The mutt was tired. Object complement: a noun, object pronoun, or adjective which completes the meaning of the direct object.
They elected him president. They painted the house blue.
Steps for analyzing the parts of a clause or sentence:

Find the subject/predicate set.

If the verb is action,
- do not look for a subject complement
- look for a direct object

If you find a direct object,
- look for an indirect object

If the verb is linking,
- Do not look for a direct object.
- Look for a subject complement.
- Look for the next subject/predicate set and repeat. http://www.yourdictionary.com/images/articles/lg/702.DiagrammedSentances.jpg
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