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Social Worker

Presentation in a social worker

Rosa Mejia

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Social Worker

0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Classes to take now Some classes that would be good to take now for being a social worker is English in order to be able to write reports and do them well.It may be good to join clubs so that you get used to meeting people and interacting with them and also so that you loose fear of public speaking because after done with a report you will have to be able to go up in front of a lot of people and testify conclusion I think that i don't meet the requirements right now because i am in 9th grade and i need more time to loose fear of public speaking .This job Kind of fits my strength and personality. i think that because i like to help out people but i am really scared of public speaking and i still need more help and practice in my writing to do the reports. This job would be a good job for my living but i think that i meet all the requirements yet. Job Environment Social workers:
They work both indoors and out doors.They are required to travel but only in case of an emergency
and that rarely happens.they work with many different people, some with some similar cases and other with completely different cases.when you have to write reports about a case then you will work alone but if not you will be working on helping a person. Some of the people that you help you will see really often others you wont see as often as you see the others.you will be working with both machines and people really often. specific Tasks social workers spend most of their time helping people. They spent 50% of their time on various tasks. They work with a lot of different people with a lot of different situations. You will also be spending a lot of your time doing reports and getting ready to testify for a lot of cases. personal characteristics Social Worker Education and Training Working hours and conditions Advantages and rewards Thanks For watching :) You will work 40 hours a week.You will work in the weekends in some occasions
you will be required to work over time in case of an emergency.thereis so much stress in being a social worker because you have to be able to do reports and turn it in the exact time and date you will be required to turn it in By Rosa Mejia What Is a social worker? A social worker is a person who helps out people with their everyday life problems. They help make people have a better life then what they used to have. they help out Kids,teenagers,adults,and older people. Typical salary The Annual Wage for social workers in the 20012 is 42,480 and it increases $419 each year of experience. To Be a social worker you need a bachelors degree and after you are in to the job you still need to continue your training,you need 20 hours of training each year. You need to have a license and to obtain that license you are required to take a certain test. special skills and abilities You don't need a lot of special skills to be a social worker you just need to be able to stand or sit for the time that is required to. You also have to be able to listen to people and give good advice and you need to be able to help then to resolve what ever problem they need help in. This job is competitive there can be some better employees that could take the case that you have because they they know how to solve it better physiological requirements You have to be able to sit and stand for a long time and also you have to listen and stay focus on that one person that you are working with Some personal characteristics that you need to have to be a social worker is to be friendly and be able to understand what they need help in. Some advantages can be that you get to interact with new people and you get to help them .You can make a living out of this job and you can also help to make other peoples life better. Disadvantages and drawbacks Some disadvantages in being a social worker is that you can have a lot of stress and you also might get threatened by people that have a hard time understanding whats right for other people . Interview Name: Jahima How would i be supervised? you have a direct supervisor and he/she has to approve
work. It also depends on the level of supervision Is there any danger in my health or physical safety? Yes parents get upset in many ways and might threatened you or even might try to do things against you in the moment. Its really dangerous especially if they have criminal records . what is the annual salary at my entry? it starts at 46,000-56,000 would i have to travel often if so how much? You rarely have to travel you only have to travel in case of an emergency will you need to have witting skills or any speaking skills? You will need to have witting . You will need them for writing reports and for writing recommendations And you will need speaking skills to get up on a stand and be able to testify
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