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The chrysalids: fantastic beings in the Novel

No description

carmela S

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of The chrysalids: fantastic beings in the Novel

Fantastic Beings in the Novel By Dora Spagnuolo The Sealanders David and his special friends “Knowing makes all the difference. Knowing that we’re not just pointless freaks - a few bewildered deviations hoping to save their own skins. It’s the difference between just trying to keep alive, and having something to live for” (Wyndham, 198) Growing up in Waknuk Why are they fantastic How did they help David and his friends? Why are they Fantastic? Why were the people of Waknuk scared of them? “We let her prattle on. It was difficult to make sense of allot of the things she said, and possibly she had not got them right, anyways, but the one thing that did stand out clearly was that these Sealanders, who ever and wherever they were, thought no small beans of themselves (Wyndham, 146) “Man alive, you’d not want to go to the Fringes. Why they’ve got nothing there- not even enough food. Most of them are half starving, that’s why they make raids. No, you’d spend all the time there just trying to keep alive and lucky if you did (Wyndham, 66). Why were they Fantastic The Fringe people and the people of Waknuk The Fringe people This quote was said by uncle Axel when David showed interest into running away into the Fringes. This quote helps the reader understand the horrible conditions in the Fringes The community was scared of the Fringe people because they were different
The community is afraid to let them in because they were scared they would breed more impurities They were fantastic because they obtained bizarre quality's such as extra fingers This was a quote from David, he was talking about Petra who was in contact with the woman from Sealand. They are fantastic because they can send thought shapes to each other
Sending thought shapes is a very magical thing and therefore it is fantastic The sealander gave David, Petra, Rosalind and the remaining thought shape seers a home
Sealand is a place where David, Petra, and Rosalind can be themselves without having to worry who will notice This was a quote from Micheal, He was talking to the lady from Sealand after it was determined that they would not go back to get Rachel. I liked this quote because it shows how determined they were to stay alive Grew up in a city where deviations were frowned upon, while they were considered deviations themselves
They were extraordinary people living in an ordinary world They obtain the ability to see shape thought
They were scared because they could not visually identify a deviation
They were scared because the sealanders were something they have never encountered before
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