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Integrating Science and Literacy

No description

Jessica Stewart

on 27 July 2015

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Transcript of Integrating Science and Literacy

Teach To The Students
Gotta Go! Gotta Go!
Foundational Text Sets
My Light
Scientific (deep) Thinkers...
“When teaching is easy for the teacher, learning is usually hard for the children. When teaching is hard for the teacher, learning is usually easy for the children.”
There is an array of books to integrate Science (or any subject) content into our Reading.
We have to read to learn Science, right? Teach them to be curious!
We are teaching all kids the same instead of teaching to the students. We have to do a lot of the teaching and demonstrating.
Integrating Science and Literacy
*Readers Theater
*What it says, What it means
*What are you thinking?
*Picture Walk
Texts to always refer back to the whole year or the whole unit. These are good to teach theme, too!
*Cool Ideas/Cool Words
*Comprehension from illustrations from the book
*Picture Walk
*Borrowing a pattern – being the sun
*Word storming
*What are you thinking about?
*Paired Reading - Information Book
into the Elementary Classroom
Students only pay attention (just
like us) to things they are
curious about or interested in.
If you teach structure and procedures first so the students know what they are expected to do, then you will not spend as much time on dealing with behavior problems.
It’s like trying to teach kids without any structure and procedures and expect no behavior problems.
RL.4.6 Compare and contrast the point of view from which different stories are narrated, including the difference between first- and third-person narrations.
•**Look at fiction books to take the informational text from the meanings of the fiction text.
By: Sam Swope
Science Concepts:
*Life Cycle
- Metamorphosis
*Geographical Locations
Two of my favorites:

1. The Five Fiends
by: Sarah Dyer
The Five Fiends by Sarah Dyer
3 components of a lesson - Demonstrate, Engage, Reflect
2. Seven Blind Mice
More Strategies
*Think Aloud
- Show a student how a good thinking thinks. - Just reading aloud is showing how good readers read.
- Show what you're thinking during the reading.
*Reverse Think Aloud
- have students ask the questions
*Tidal Waves
*Interrelationship of systems
-this can be transferred to everything!
*Food Chains/Food Webs
*Living and Nonliving
•*Demonstrate – go through a book and show them how to do the strategy and then do it with another book and let them use the background knowledge from the book before to do the strategy with the new book. Do this with paired text.
Borrowing A Pattern
The Important Book
L is for Light
Science Verse
*Start with water cycle, sun, clouds, river, streams, heat, light, coal, electricity, fossils, minerals, coal, underground, dams, decomposition, power plants, solar energy, solar cells, pulsing electricity, turbines, generators, fuels, gas, fluorescent, energy, wind, water, switch, light bulb, wire, copper, hot, night, day, space, reflection, stars, electrons, minerals, insulators, conductors, plants, photosynthesis, hum from electrical wires, food chain, food web, energy transfer
*Point of view
*Vocabulary – for example – illumination and sun work together rather than illumination to coal. What word might work with coal? Burning.
By Molly Bang
Concepts: Science
Skills - Reading/Writing
Now and Ben
•The important thing about earth science is: (taking terms from earth science, saying “the important thing about earth science is ______________. 3 facts, ending sentence: “But the important thing about Earth Science is mountains. Then they will pull in what they know about earth science and they make their own drawings.
*Used with Matter but could use with ANY concept!
Browse and Pass
Flushing out a Character
Word Questioning
Linear Arrays
Text Sets
Quick Write
Quick Chat (Parter Talk)
3-2-1 Organizer
Synonym Substitution
Story Pyramid
Character, Setting
Expression Design Sheet
Conversation Strategy
Paired Text
Text to Text Connections
Anticipation Guide
Plot Profile
Expository Profiles
Using Literature to teach the Scientific Method
More Books
Pink and Say
That Magnetic Dog
The Fossil Girl
So You Want to Be An Inventor
Arctic Lights, Arctic Nights
On the Same Day in March
Just One Bite
Growing Patterns
The Buffalo Are Back
The Wolves Are Back
Hip Pocket Papa
How to Clean a Hippopotamus
Come See the Earth Turn
Tight Times
Brown Bear, Brown Bear
Fortunately, Unfortunately
Getting Through Thursday
How Do You Life a Lion?
Odd Boy Out
Water - Up, Down and All Around
What's the Matter in Mr. Whiskers Room
Rupert's Big Splash
Mr. Archimedes' Bath
Who Sank The Boat?
Theodoric's Rainbow
Black Out
A Rainbow in Me
Signs For Sale
Peppe The Lamplighter
Heat Wave
Magic School Bus books
The Librarian who Measured the Earth
See PowerPoints
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