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Imarat Kavkaz

No description

Rachel O'Donnell

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Imarat Kavkaz

Connections as Amplifiers
training camps
Ibn al Khattab, Abu al Walid, Abu Hafs al Urduni, Muhannad
Jaish al-Ansar wal Muhajirin
2010 Belgium, 2011 Czech Republic, 2012 Azerbaijan

Ethno-nationalism to Jihad
Secessionist ideology
Gravitation to global jihad
establishment of emirate, sharia
Duty to fight against Russia
Boston Bombing caveat
Violence as Tradition
Formally established 31 October 2007
USDOS E.O. 13224, UN 1267, FSB 2006
Chechen Wars: 1994-1996, 1999-2009
War in Chechnya bred insurgency and local terrorist groups
Shamil Basayev, Ibn al-Khattab

Strong Leadership, Dispersed Membership
Emir Doku Umarov
field commander & "politician"
Majlis al Shura, Sharia
2010 Succession "Crisis"
Emir Aslambek Vadalov
Vilyat, Jamaat structure
Youthful, educated demographic; Black Widows

Imarat Kavkaz
Rachel O'Donnell
SEST 546-02
Fall 2013
Tactics and Targets
Suicide bombings, small arms, abductions
Predominately military and police targeting
11 June 2008: Suicide bombing in Vladikavkaz market
27 November 2009: Nevsky Express train bombing
29 March 2010: Moscow Metro bombing
24 January 2011: Domodedovo Airport bombing
February 2014: Sochi Winter Olympics?

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