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Drawing for Art 1 Students

Lesson for high school Art 1 class

Shayne Zionts Stratyner

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of Drawing for Art 1 Students

We can show value by using directional lines called "Hatching"
How else can we show form in our drawings?
By showing value!
John Singer Sargent
Kathe Kolwitz
Art 1

Henry Moore
Now it's your turn to draw...
Line definition:
A mark on a surface that describes a shape or outline. It can create texture and can be thick or thin. A line can go in any direction. It can express emotions and feelings.
What's a line anyway?
Contour line vs. an outline-
What's the difference? An outline is a line drawn around an object. It doesn't show any depth or form. A contour line is used in drawings to show depth without using detail and without shading.
How do we create form in our drawings?
By pressing down on our pencil we vary the pressure. This is one way to show form and depth.
We use lines to make shapes that create form
Notice how these hands are drawn-
starting out with a shape and putting the shapes together!
More drawings using shapes to create the form of a hand...
is an Italian word that means using light & dark to show form
This hand is made up of circles and ovals
More hatching and cross hatching uses...
Cross-hatching is simply crossing the lines over each other. It can show shape, value and form too.
Through out the ages- Artists have used line, shape, value and form in their drawings...
Leonardo da Vinci
Jacques De Gheyn
Notice the different drawing styles he used
Famous for drawing and painting portraits
She lived during the early 1900's and is famous for her self-portraits
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