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Reading Engagement and Motivation

No description

Amy Kavanagh

on 24 January 2015

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Transcript of Reading Engagement and Motivation

Motivating students to read
Frequent Reading
develop a community of readers
model positive reading habits
show excitement about reading
Jackie Erickson Amy Kavanagh
ericksonj@nls.k12.mn.us kavanagh@nls.k12.mn.us

Now that you have seen a few ways to engage and motivate your students to read...go out be great teachers :) Lets create a world of book worms and reading wise owls!
The Kavanaghs
Josh and Amy
Teagan and Braden
Reading engagement and motivation
Students who are motivated to read are curious about books and eager to engage in reading.

The Ericksons
Mike and Jackie
Joseph, Catherine, Rosemary
The Complete Reader
Prairie Woods Elementary School
New London, Minnesota
Engagement Strategies
Sustained Silent Reading
Social Sharing About Text
Author Spotlights
Reading Lounge Visits
Mystery Readers
Extrinsic Reading Incentive Program

Social Sharing About Text
Author Spotlight
Wildcat Corner Reading Lounge
Read for Beads
Extrinsic Reading
Incentive Program
Steven Layne
How will efforts to increase student motivation
and engagement affect reading achievement?

Social Interaction
Parental Involvement
The amount of time spent reading
is directly related to increases
in word recognition, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.
Social Interaction
Discussion enhances understanding
and fosters higher level thinking.
Access to books encourages
engagement and increases
student achievement.

What did we find out?
Book Choice:
Provide students with a large classroom library so they can find a book that meets their personal needs and interest

Allow students to read whatever genre they prefer, whether it be graphic novels, magazines, or fiction books. Reading is reading no matter what the genre.

Teachers can still conduct whole group activities and literature circles while still allowing the students to choose their books. Simply provide a list of recommended books and group the students based on their book choices.
Parental Involvement
Children in homes where books and reading are valued are more likely to read for pleasure and develop into life-long readers.
When students choose material to read, they develop a sense of ownership and a personal investment in their reading experiences.
Students who are highly engaged and are effective learners are most likely to be proficient readers and...

proficient readers are also those students who are most engaged and interested
in reading.
All teachers can...
What makes a good reader?
What can teachers do?
Who are you?

motivation = engagement = proficiency
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