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2012 Region 3 Construction Projects

Presentation to the Utah Transportation Commission

Muriel Xochimitl

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of 2012 Region 3 Construction Projects

24 miles of freeway reconstructed
2 new lanes from Lehi Main to Spanish Fork
Rebuilt or improved 10 freeway interchanges
Replaced or restored 63 bridges
Budget: $1.7 Billion Widened 6 miles of S.R. 92 from 2-5 lanes
Built new commuter lanes
Reconfigured I-15 interchange as a DDI Provo State St. Safety Improvements Installed safety improvements from 1860 South to 1120 South.
Shoulder widening, curb and gutter, a 10' path, new landscaping and decorative lighting. Widened 3.6 miles of Geneva Road to 2 lanes in each direction with a center turn lane from University Parkway to 1600 N.
Constructed a new bridge over the railroad tracks near 400 South
Added 60 percent more sidewalk in the area 500 W. & Provo Center St.
Intersection Placed new concrete at intersection
Budget: $550,000
Reconstructed of manholes & water valves State St. American Fork & Lehi Santaquin Auxiliary Ln 1200 W. to County Line Additional Lane SB lane on I-15 for 2 miles Pavement Rehab on I-15 for 3.3 mi Budget: $3,326,420 800 N. to 2000 N. Orem Mill & pave 6 miles of 5 lanes on State St.
Budget: $7.1 Million
Intelligent Compaction- innovative paving technique University Parkway Widen to 3 lanes each direction; 750 E. new signal
Budget: $3,383,000 S.R. 74 Highland S.R. 73 Mt. Airey Dr. Budget: $3,543,000
12 miles of Mill & Pave Concrete Rehab Mouth of Canyon Wallsburg to Heber US-189 Provo Canyon Budget: $2,533,000
Pavement Preservation Concrete Panel Replacement
Budget: $5,619,000 Widen to 5 lanes
Passing lanes by Rainbow Bay
Budget: $11,846,000 Mill & Pave
Budget: $890,115 Mill & Pave
Budget: $2,600,000 Brent Schvaneveldt
Program Manager
UDOT US-89; US-6 to 1200 N. Mapleton Budget: $520,000
Chip Seal American Fork Development Center Pavement Preservation Geneva Rd; Unv. Pkwy to 1200 S. US-189; 500 S. to 900 S. Provo SR 147 Mapleton SR 115 in Payson & Spanish Fork US-6; Mouth of SF Canyon Mill & Pave of I-15 for 3.3 miles Budget: $4,374,999 Pavement Rehab SR-73; 1200 E to US-89 SR-198; SF Main St. to SR-6 SR-198; 560 N to SR-164 Questions
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