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The Boy Who Knew Everything

No description

Vd G

on 26 January 2016

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Transcript of The Boy Who Knew Everything

Main character
The main character in this book is Conrad Harrington III. He has blonde hair and is not very physically strong. Conrad knows everything there is to know and he is bad at sports. He doesn't give up on things easily.
The Problem
Author: Victoria Forester
By: Vidhi.G
The Boy Who Knew Everything
Conrad Harrington III was only 7 years old when his father, senator (soon will be president) Harrington sent Conrad away to Dr. Letitia Hellion's school for kids with special abilities where Conrad met Piper McCloud, a girl who could fly. Together, they broke out of Dr. Hellion's torturous school along with the rest of the kids. There is a prophecy that states that when the girl who can fly (Piper) and the boy who knew everything (Conrad) meet, they have the power to make great change. Conrad and all his friends with special powers live on the McCloud farm to train to help others in need so they could put their abilities to good use but, at that time Conrad's father became president. Conrad found out that he had a sister named Althea who when he went to see, Conrad got shot and someone kidnapped president Harrington who before leaving admitted he was wearing a bloodstone. As Conrad, Piper and Jeston (J.), a guy with invisibility powers go looking for Conrad's father, they found Xanthia, a place where only people with powers live. In Xanthia, Conrad befriends Maximillian (Max) who showed him the knowledge center where Conrad researches about the bloodstones. Conrad finds out that Max has the power of being immortal and that he's hiding a big secret. Is Max really who he says he is?

This book takes place on the McCloud farm where Piper and her family live. It's in a small town surrounded by lots of nature.
The book also takes place in Xanthia where people with special abilities live. It's a peaceful place with a mountain called Mother Mountain that protects the whole place.
Another location is the White House where the president lives. It's a big white house with many people protecting it.
In addition, the book takes place at Dr. Hellion's torturous school for kids with special abilities. The point of the school is to make the kids forget their abilities.
Finally, it takes place at Area 63. Area 63 is a high-security psychiatric hospital that houses criminally insane patients that pose a threat to national security.
Supporting Characters
Piper McCloud:

She has the ability to fly. Piper has long frizzy brown hair and is terrible at math. She is Conrad's best friend.
Maximillian (Max for short):

He is the enemy. Max puts bloodstones on people in order to eat their energy. He looks a lot like Conrad and even faked being him once.
Peter Harrington:

He is the president of the USA. Peter is Conrad's dad. He gets his energy eaten by a bloodstone.
The problem in this book is that disasters were happening around the world on purpose. As Conrad and his team go to help people affected by the disasters, he found a bloodstone at every location. Conrad wanted to know more about the bloodstones. Another problem is that a few years after Conrad started to live on the McCloud farm, president Harrington announced that Conrad was dead when really, he wasn't. The president said that so that when he sent people to kill Conrad, everyone would think he's dead.
When Piper and Conrad were in Xanthia, Conrad befriended Max, a boy with immortal life. Max showed Conrad the Knowledge Center where Conrad could research the bloodstones. Conrad found out that bloodstones contain beryllium, lanthanum and a mystery component. Max asked Conrad to fix a water purifier for him and when he did, he didn't know what terrible thing he did. When Max left, Conrad found a secret door behind a painting and opened it with a key Max had given him earlier. When Piper and Conrad went in, they found Max's secret. Max actually needed to eat energy to stay alive for so long and he is Conrad's grandfather. That's why he put bloodstones on people's necks. When Conrad fixed the water purifier, he used energy from his DBI (Digital Brain Interface) and Max could now control Conrad as Max needed to eat his energy. Conrad pulled his DBI out that caused Max to look his real age (over 1000) and caused Conrad to lose his memory that came back later.
The Boy Who Knew Everything is a good book. The author made sure that you can never get bored at any point reading this book. Once you start reading it, you can't put it down. I would recommend this book to people who are 10-15 years old. A person younger than 10 might have a hard time understanding the vocabulary. Someone older than 15 might not find this book very interesting.
The End
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