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Penguin Crazy

By Donovin L. and Gavin P.

Xavier Clark

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Penguin Crazy

Penguin Crazy Charcteristics of a penguin Flippers Strong Legs Homeostasis Huddling Warm-Blooded Structual Adaptations Body adapted for swimming Feathers Keep the skin dry Couthershaded Behavioral Adaptations Breeding Enjoy Each other Mates For Life
Food Web Predators Leopard Seals Skuas Humans Prey Fish Crustaceans Squid Abotic Factors Consquences Ice OIl Hunting Sources www.montereybayaquariam.com
www.penguinworld.com By:Donovin Lewis and Gavin Posey We Hope You Enjoyed Our Presentation!
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