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Climate & Tropical Cyclones

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natthawipa sangkakit

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Climate & Tropical Cyclones

Four climates Monsoon mediterranean Climate

Cold Climate Tropical cyclones (hurricanes) results from the reversal in the direction of the current wind South-west monsoon-during June the sun appears overhead at the Tropic of Cancer-places that are moderating influence of the sea the temperature rises -low pressure places are formed when hot air rises-when air is forced to rise over mountains it gives large amounts of relief rainfall-may cause flooding because of the intensive rain North-east monsoon-during winter the sun moves south-the Himalayas now become very cold-wind blows outward from the high pressure area-the wind is from a dry area so there is only a small amount of rain in India -west coast of continentshot, warm, wet winters, dry summers-Summers are hot because the sun is at a high angle-wind blows from warm land-occasional thunderstorm-several months of sunny weather -Normally in Eurasia, northerly latitude-Scandinavia to the Pacific across North America-Winters: long, dark, extremely cold-sun fails to rise above the horizonstrong wind lowers temperature, increase wind-chill factor-short summer but warm-not much rain throughout the year -areas with intensive low pressure-hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones-develops when sea temperature exceeds 27 celciusvertical movement of air draws with water vapour from the ocean-erratic and difficult to predict-loss of life and damage to property-damage to country's economy-winds, flooding, storm, landslides
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