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Approaching Amazing Art

No description

Educurious Team

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Approaching Amazing Art

Approaching Amazing Art
Need to Know
How can we use art as a voice for social and personal change?
Module 1: Engaging with Art
What is Art? Survey
Contact your Expert
Elements of art analysis
Working Definition of Art
Video Robin Holder
Video Sculpter John Grade
Module 2: Exploring Change in Various Forms of Art
Latin Murals
Street Art
Robin Holder Video
Graphic and Digital Arts
Barbara Kruger
Module 3: Making and Viewing Art
Making art tools and strategies
Virtual Museum Tour
Gallery Tour Reflection
Blue Balliett Video
Informational Essay (Outline)
Write draft with MLA citations
Search for images
Draft Informational Essay
Peer editing andexpert review
Module 5: The Exhibition
Extension 1: Responding to art with art
Collaborative Exhibition
Studio Days
Studio Day 1: Social Change Collage
Studio Day 2: Choosing a topic and make a sketch
Studio Day 3: Diving in / Giving and receiving feedback
Studio Day 4: Finalizing Your Artists statement
What is art? At first it may sound like this question has an obvious answer, but it’s worth considering what you really think. After all, your opinion of how art is defined may be different from other peoples’ views about art. In fact, art is a vital part of our society precisely because it reflects the diversity of our cultural perspectives and experiences.
Artist' Statement

Module 4:
Creating Artist Statement and Organizing an Exhibition
In this unit you explore some exciting forms of art and learn to read their message. Then you will craft your own artistic expression and have an art show.
Why Care?
Art is a vital part of our society because it reflects the diversity of our cultural perspectives and experiences. Art is personal, and often political. For this reason, many people make art in order to express ideas and feelings about social issues that affect us all. Active engagement with these creative messages can promote positive change in our world, so learning to interpret, evaluate, and express yourself through art is important.
The Project
Explore sample artist statements
Feedback- Artist / collaborator circles
Choose exhibition team roles
Exhibition Production Scheduling

Extension 2: Informational Essay
Explore Man on the wall website
Bill Holiday Song
PBS - Protest Music
David Margolick essay
Assignment E1.1 Cornel Notes (Strange Fruit)
John Legend Strange Fruit
Socratic Seminar
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