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Kori Lynn

on 2 March 2014

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Transcript of Biography

John Albert Burr
Past & Present
In the past this invention helped control the growth of lawns and helped out with chiggers from the long length of the grass. In the present this invention has sparked ideas and helped improve the success in lawn care. There are many new and improved high quality lawn mowers today, in which all started with Burr's invention.
This invention included traction wheels and a design that would include it to not easily get plugged up from grass clippings. The purpose of this was for people to have a lawn mower that would perform better and would be easier to use.
John Albert Burr was a nineteenth century African American inventor.He is best known for his invention of the modern rotary blade lawn mower. Not much is known about Burr's life, but he was influential in engineering in his prime.
This is John Burr's patent of the modern rotary blade lawn mower. The modern rotary blade lawn mower was patented on May 19, 1899.
Life Before
Life before this invention was probably harder because before Burr's invention it was probably a hassle to mow your lawn. This is because clippings would get stuck and did not include traction wheels to keep the mower from slipping.
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