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Connected Text/Comparative Essay

No description

Chloe Papavasiliou

on 7 May 2018

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Transcript of Connected Text/Comparative Essay

Connected Text/Comparative Essay
A comparative essay compares two similar or contrasting subjects. A general comparative essay may compare places, people or ideas. A comparative literary essay will compare two texts.

The purpose of a connected text is to inform, and in some cases persuade the reader about the similarities and differences between two things.

Topic sentence (this introduces your main point/issue for this paragraph, this should also relate back to your assignment task/question)
Body (explain the point/issue WITH the use of evidence)
Concluding sentence (sum up your explanation and relate it to your point/issue, this should also lead into your next paragraph)
Body Paragraphs
Topic sentence which restates your point/issue (this is your opinion and should sound a little like your introduction)
Restate your main points/issues
Restate why it is important (concluding sentence)

Romeo and Juliet Similarities and Differences
• Introduce the topic/issue (your opinion) (topic sentence)
- what book and movie did you watch, when were they created, who by and are they similar.
• Introduce each of your main reasons (these are the points you will talk about in each paragraph, you should have 3 points which will give you 3 main body paragraphs)
-you need to tell me who the audience is for both texts, what each paragraph will be about
• Sum up your issue again (concluding sentence)
Who is the audience for both? How do we know this?
What is the setting for both?
Look at the techniques used wat language features does the play use and what film techniques does the film use?
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