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Let me write that down!

No description

Stefany Guido

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Let me write that down!

For the next couple of classes you will work on researching Jamestown.

You will collect information and then 'report' on your topic.

Taking Notes
Look for keywords
Read through completely
DO NOT write every word
Re-write in your own words
Make bulleted lists
do not
need to
write in complete
Write down words
you don’t know
Pro Tips on Note Taking
Words in
are important!

If something is mentioned more than once than it is really, really important.
AGAIN, if it is repeated than it is really, really important.

When you don't understand or know what is being written about WRITE IT DOWN and look it up later.
Breaking News
Your final assignment will be to write a short script.

You will imagine that you are a news reporter and have breaking news about your topic.

You will work with those classmates that researched the same topic and each of you will pick one fact from your research guide.

You each will focus on this fact for your news report.
The Colonists are here!?
What's Jamestown?
You will each CHOOSE your topic from the following list:

Why did the colonists come?
Why did they pick in Virginia?
What was life like in the colony?
What was the colonists relationship with the Natives?

Note Taking Practice
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