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No description

Alecia Jarrett

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of K-Pop

Dangerously follows stars in taxis Steals private information to get closer to the star Sends disturbing gifts Stalks stars Invades a stars private life Consumption Production Distribution Research
Sales TV
Live Concerts
Other The Product K-Pop
Production $30 million K-pop 33 male groups Cookie-Cutter Idols Kim Ryeowook from Super Junior Park Bom from 2NE1 Music Video Output Comparison Practice Makes Perfect Cycle Resources What is Hallyu? The Korean cultural phenomenon that encompasses everything from TV shows, stars and pop songs to food, fashion and has spread all over the world YG JYP SM "Kpop is kitschy, catchy, highly produced, seamlessly choreographed, skilfully marketed and performed by (mostly) young, unthreateningly good-looking boy and girl bands" “They are fabricants. Singing, dancing fabricants.” Slave Contracts Katy Perry Can you spot the similarities? Is there a Korean Standard of Beauty? "V-line, s-line, x-line, ant waist, small face, honey thighs, golden proportions. Korean beauty standards, and specifically K-pop beauty standards, are based around a list of specific traits and proportions that when put together make the perfect body." Korean
Television Variety Shows K-Dramas Examples Themes
Cultural References Examples Themes What are Variety Shows? Variety shows can be defined as reality shows, but also include talent shows, educational shows, and much more.
Hence the name "variety." Short Vacation
Highly visible Late night talk show
Yoo Jaeseok and Kim Wonhee
Celebrity guests the Nation’s MC Yoo Jaeseok K-pop idols
Fake marriages Physical/bodily Humor
Everything is highly visible
Scripted vs. reality
Audience involvement
Traditions and Culture
Special celebrations
Continuation of Idol-dom Korean Dramas refers to mini-series (16-20 episodes) and longer series (50-100 episodes) of televised dramas Networks: SBS Channel A OCN tvN jTBC MBC KBS some stars take up acting, widening their areas of distribution from just concerts to television and movies. This makes them even more accessible and visible for Korean and international audiences. A trend: There seem to be more guys making the transition (between singing and acting) than girls.

Is this true? If so, why? and Cultural References AKA How to confuse American audiences Man-handling the girl
Rich vs. poor
Exotic vacations
Boy's Authoritarian parent(s)
Girl's family and friends work in shops (ramen, clothes, laundry, etc.)
Or Girl's parents are dead/absentee
Past tragedies that define characters
School is a social community/institution
School uniforms
Cell Phone Culture Cultural Exporter k-pop k-drama movies food fashion sports The Korea Foundation for Asian Cultural Exchange Big Bang 2006 - 2008 group mv's 34 solo mvs 24 collaborations 29 TOTAL 87 Sasaeng Fan Anti-Fan Obsessive
Knows too much about private life Wants to inflict harm on a star they hate Known to stalk and use violence, including actual murder attempts 21 More likely to slander a star's name Example: Yunho from TVXQ was poisoned with super glue after accepting a drink from an anti-fan. Had to have stomach pumped. "Yunho revealed, “A long time ago, I was terrorized by a drink. Someone gave me a drink with a poisonous substance in it, and I thought, ‘why did it have to be me? I don’t even know that person, why did I have to be terrorized?’”" "I join about 20 fans inside Cube Cafe... Every time a car stops outside, all heads swivel in the hope of spotting the label's stars on their way to the dance rehearsal and vocal training studios upstairs" Future of the Korean Wave Will it last?

Other thoughts http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/



http://www.dramafans.org/ More Exploration Sources
Chia, Adeline. (2011). Sick of K-Pop Cult. The Straits Times. Retrieved from http://blog.korea.net/?p=4201 http://sgsjelfs.com/2011/12/08/sick-of-k-pop-cult-by-adeline-chia-of-straits-times/
Chung, S. (2011). Top 10 Korean Variety Shows. The Korea Blog. Retrieved from http://blog.korea.net/?p=4201
Cox, Jennifer. “Seoul Searching: on the trail of the Kpop phenomenon” The Guardian http://www.guardian.co.uk/travel/2012/dec/28/seoul-k-pop-gangnam-style
Kim, J. (2007). Why Does Hallyu Matter? The Significance of the Korean Wave in South Korea. Critical Studies in Television, 2(2), 47-205
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Williamson, L. (2011). The dark side of South Korean Pop Music. BBC News. Retrieved from
You, Hong-june. (2006). The Origin and Future of Hallyu. Korea Focus (14)2. 122-132.
(2013). Contact Us. KpopEurope. Retrieved from http://www.kpopeurope.eu/our-team/ 36 girl groups Scandalous ministry of banishment Singapore "With the popularity of K-pop rising in South East Asian countries, one has to ask, does the local music scene feel threatened?" 1:26 Idols regularly hold concerts in Singapore Concerts like SMTown cost $5 million SGD Scandals that ruin images Drugs
Dating, marriage and sex
Bullying and Suicide
Military service
Tax evasion
Copyright Clubs have weekly or monthly Kpop nights Kpop usually outsells local music Japan Many stars create Japanese versions of their songs Japanese promotions, Apartments in Japan 2012 2012 "According to the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA)... last year’s total royalties received from Japan amounted to some 11.03 billion won, or approximately ¥954 million/$10.1 million. The amount came from K-pop songs being played and sung in concerts, television and radio shows, even in karaoke bars." Kpop training system is "Heavily influenced by the Japanese jimusho system." *Disclaimer France, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Romania... Concerts have been held in France and Germany Young adults in Europe are the main demographic They have a website, Kpopeurope.eu United States The creation of the Kpop Top 100 on the Billboard Kpop is available on ITunes Kpop is more of a "niche interest", something many Americans didn't know or care about unless they were exposed to it, or because of Gangnam Style "There is one beauty standard for males and females: big doe-eyes, small-face, V-line, high nose bridge, skinny, extremely fair-skinned."
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