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My Book Report : Rebel Power Play

No description

William Outhwaite

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of My Book Report : Rebel Power Play

By: William Outhwaite My Book Report Summary This story takes place in the
years of two-thousand to
two -thousand-six. Time I believe the main conflict is
when Charlie losses all his confidence after a fight The Main Conflict I believe a good secondary
character is Pudge Moretti.
It seems as if Pudge is always
there for Charlie even through
thick and thin Rebel Power Play by David Skuy is the second book in a series. It takes place in a made up, assumed to be small
town called Terrence Falls. Place Main Character The main Character is Charlie Joyce a brave,fit,grade nine hockey player. Secondary Character Charlie is the new kid in town but came too late for the hockey season, but with his luck he found the last team and asked his friends to play with him. The coach doesn't like Charlie and he is very biased. One day Charlie suggests a change and gets kicked off the team Charlie's friends signed a petition to say if he wasn't allowed back on the team they wouldn't play,so they were kicked off the team also. After a few disaster games the coach folded from the league. Charlie used the non-refundable money that the coach paid to get into the league to make a new team without a coach. They never knew that later they would find themselves in the finals As for rest you will have to read the book yourself I would definitely give this book five stars, and recommend it to anyone with a passion
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