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Panoramix presentation for LaserApp Conference 2012

Chris Hastings

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Panoramix

Our Story Group of employees came from a company that developed large enterprise solutions Large Enterprise Solutions Business to Business Integration Sapphire Software Services 3 Independent Financial Advisors Traditional Interface Batch Download File Integration Batch Upload FTP Policy processing, billing, claims system for property and casualty insurance carriers, $800 million in premium, 1 million in force policies. Excelled in large scalable systems and third party integrations. Web Services Real-time on the internet More structured data and XML History Currently Future Panoramix! Software Solutions Single Enterprise System One relationship to maintain, but all your eggs in one basket Consistent platform, flow, and training, but accept the bad with the good Best Of Breed Cloud Provides a common arena for software to reside and communicate Inherent data backup and redundancies Shared Information Multiple Systems Individually Tailored At A Glance Advisor Customer Portfolio Reports Integrations Calendar Task Contacts Forms Outlook Google Mobile device Outlook Google ACT LaserApp Portfolio DST Mobile device There's An App For That On The Web Outlook Google Mobile device FTJ FundChoice ITS NFS Financial Planning LaserApp Microsoft Word SQL Reports MoneyGuide Pro MoneyTree More to come ... Panoramix for Financial Advisors Panoramix for Broker/Dealers Desktop Browser / Web Hybrid Workflow efficiencies and process gains through the intelligent use of technology Custom software development which allows the individual to access existing data in ways that makes sense for them Existing systems do not fully meet their needs, must manually jump in and out of multiple systems Most systems tailored to the broker/dealer and their data and not the advisor and their user experience Would like the option to keep some of the systems they like, but have the data integrated and not have to perform multiple entry Share information with other applications Click-once auto updating desktop application allows much tighter integration to other desktop applications such as Outlook or LaserApp in addition to browser access Cloud based data storage so your data can be accessed from anywhere and be safely and securely backed up Rich, full user experience Utilizes the power of the
computer Examples:
Microsoft Office
Adobe Reader
FreeCell Always available Multi platform Examples:
Facebook Available anywhere Simple deployment iPhone Paradigm shift - Service based processing Best of both worlds "I don't know who discovered water, but I'm sure it wasn't a fish." Data is all in one place no integration, conversion, mapping needed Requires some form of standards and industry wide cooperation, but tremendous upside Not reliant on one single entity and easy to change parts, but no clear lines of responsibility Creative uses of technology required for seamless integrations Aggregate, Leverage, and Extend High degree of scalability Showcases and facilitates interfaces Inherently use data from other systems, don't just copy data into your system Flat/ASCII file format XML Processing and business logic in addition to traditional data exchange • Seamless integration with multiple data sources.
• Hosted or on-site installation options.
• Document management.
• Built-in advisor access via a web site or Panoramix for Financial Advisors.
• Simple, standard interface for integration with virtually any advisor system.
• Reporting capabilities broken down by the advisor or aggregated • Real-time, two-way integration with calendar and contact programs like Outlook® or Google®.
• Seamless integration with multiple data sources.
• Client, Household, or book of business reports.
• Pre-defined links to hundreds of common sites such as brokerage houses and life insurers.
• Full text search capability.
• Customize screens, lists, fields and reports to get just the information you need.
• Document management Systems should allow individuals to control what information is most important Any system should share data, processes, functionality and screens with as many systems as possible Leverage other systems. Different people within an organization perform different tasks and have different needs. One system will be either too restricting or too confusing Listen to the people using the system Provide a framework for individual customization, but balance the customization and the complexities Aggregate data from multiple sources. Rather than rely on a single system to maintain data, embrace partnerships with other systems and present their data Extend functionality and information without compromising the integrity of the source. Expose your data, workflows, and screens to other systems Keep an open mind and consider everything as a possible integration Expose your data to other systems Utilize processes and workflows from other systems and allow them to use yours Architect your products so that pieces of functionality can be shared with other programs Data, Workflow, Processes, Functionality, and Screens
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