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Auto Parts Salesperson

An Auto Parts Salesperson sell parts for a motor vehicle but not only do they sell them to the public directly they take orders over the telephone and emails as well. Some spend most their time supplying parts to mechanics who service and repair vehicles

felicia bolton

on 17 June 2010

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Transcript of Auto Parts Salesperson

Auto Parts Salesperson The Career Automotive indusrtry
Sell parts for automotive vehicles
take orders over telephone and by e-mails
know specifically what parts the customers are talking about when described to them
know how to order parts from other indusrties over the computer
be able to fill out paperwork for the truck driver for them to deliver the core returns back to industries
find the product number on every item

Career Description
Dont need to have any spacific training it's based on experience and knowledge
takes aproximatly 1 to 2 years to figure out how everything works

Current Need
Future Outlook Potential for Growth within Career become a manager
own your pwn business Salary Range
just starting is minimum wage at $10.25/hour
become more permanent full time is $18 to $25/hours
on average mechanics earn between $45,000 and $70,000 per year plus benefits
number of cars on the road growing can increase the number of parts being sold
computers will speed the process of finding parts are in stock and ordering products, this will slow the demand for auto parts salesperson

Potential Employers
any retail businesses
Canadian Tire
parts dealerships
Princess Auto etc.

Workplace Natalie Gernhardt
Number of employees in this organization
Hours of operation
Through the week 8:00 to 5:30
Saturdays 8:00 to 12:00 Day to Day activities and occasional

first get into the store in the morning shelves need to be stocked if needed
check if products need to be ordered
take calls by telephone or e-mails
organize core returns and resellable returns
make sure deliveries are being made
if core returns need to be done fill out paperwork to shift them back to industry

Positive and negative characteristics
meet new people
be able to help people
makes you feel good when u know something that not everyone knows
you can work on your own vehicles
learn more about technology
can be boring if you get everything done early and theirs no customers

Most important skills
Issues for trade
Course connection School subjects Auto other companies that sell the same material moving into your town
a lot of competition that you have to compete with

Learning from related courses
How in-school theory and knowledge helped Additional school courses that are valuable
Reflection on co-op experience What I descovered about myself and future career Most significant part of co-op experience Greatest strength Skills that can be transfered
What I need to work on to improve The effect that my co-op placement has on my future career plans I don't know as much as I thought I did
it appeals to me more then expected I thought it would be boring untill I tried it
I can talk to people and feel comfortable
its going to take awhile to get to know everything about this spacific trade
I would enjoy doing this trade but not all the time as expected
learned what different auto parts are called which will help me be able to order parts easier
got to learn more about where spacific parts go on a car and what their used for
with having all this knowledge I can go and fix my own cars and be able to order the parts I need to do the job.

I have experience with retail
I know how to look up parts on the computer in a catologue dealerships have
better with people and money
I learned how to fill out paperwork and what the catagories mean for truck drivers I need to remember what companies made what brand of vehicles to help me look up parts
At first I never thought about doing this particular trade but going to this co-op placement has helped me a lot in knowing what exactly this trade does
gave me a lot of experience about car parts and helped me understnad more about them which will help me in the future if i choose to do this trade
I am going to be looking more into doing this trade as the time goes by because it has been a lot of fun and will help me in the future if I get to know everything there is know, it wont take as long when im in the trade
math their a lot of counting having to be done and your working with money most of the time
english you need to be able to read write and speak english they need 5, customer salesperson, delivery person,waranty clerk, the president and vice president of the corporation

bio for learning how to take care of and own your own business I think my greatest strength would be my ability to get along with everyone and have the experience with tech in grade 10 which helped me a lot by knowing some of the parts on a car instead of starting from scratch and having to learn everything. when I was in auto in grade 10 it helped me get to know the different parts on a car and how to fix them so know I can be able to know what people are talking about when they come in and ask for parts and if they are not sure how to fix the problem or what to use I can try tto help them with the knowledge I have To get ontp this trade all you need is ur grade 12 diploma and hopefully experience in cars Most important skills would be communication you get to see how some people judge others and how you should respond for example in this trade girls are look down on but they still have to respect the customers and try to help them anywas even if they don't want the help from them it can get very frustrating
Patience is also a big thing, if someone comes in that doesn't know anything really about what they want it's hard to try and help them, you have to try different parts untill they agree with you
maintain recordsof ordersd and the amount,
kind and location ofparts and suppliea and
using computerized incventory system prepare orders to replenish parts and suppies sell spare and replacement parts for motor vehicles, machinery and equipment in retail setting.
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