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WW2 Presentation

Ma ma, ye ye, Gong gong, po po

Caleb Kwando

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of WW2 Presentation

Four World War II Stories Yeut-Ming, Grandma Lived in Guangzhou at the Beginning of the War. Her father worked for the American Consulate, which helped them to move away. When the Japanese conquered Guangzhou, their family moved to Guilin. After moving to Guilin, she stayed there for 2 years. However, when the Japanese moved further inland, they moved to Chongqing. She got to all these places by freight train, which the American consulate provided. Some people were so desperate to leave, they lay down on the roof of the train. Each American Consulate employee got $8 US. In Guangzhou, She saw soldiers.
As well, people got killed in the bombings People also died of hunger. People fought for food. When people couldn't get enough food, they drowned themselves. This was commonly used for food. When troops came, they were forced to hide. They would hide in the attic, in the church or Buddhist temples. As well, when the siren sounds for bomb raids, they hid in the cave. Money is very important as the price for food and other goods was very high. Went to school in different places Had to make lots of new friends, as she moved often However, there were other service employees, so they were friends with each other. Further inland, the soil was less fertile, thus the lives were harder. She saw people starve to death. Chi Sun, Grandpa Was in HK at the beginning of the war Very Prosperous here. When war was declared, they went to Liuzhou Went to Liuzhou with 5 brothers, 2 sisters, parents, and grandparents Here, there was no business They had to sell clothes and valuables for food. Worked at the Mayor's house with his brother for money.
There, he was a kitchen aide.
He helped wash the dishes.
His brother was a clerk.
However, as they escaped, they got robbed. They lost all the money they took with them There life was very different because they were very well of in Hong Kong IN Guangxi, the life of the people was much worse.
Not starving is very lucky. The Japanese went along the railway. They were in the Guangxi area. Yuk Ping, Grandma Born in HK.
Moved to Guangzhou by train. Her father worked in a bank in Guangzhou controlled by the Japanese.
The bank distributed food and supplies to their employees. The rations included rice and yam.
They secretly gave the rations to the poorer people. When the sirens sounded, they hid under a staircase at home or at school.
They went to Kindergarden at church. Rice and salt were very hard to buy.
When they were found, they were expensive.
Siu Wo, Grandpa Was born in a village.
His house has a cannon tower, as a result, there was no damage to his house. They had lots of land.
As a result, they had lots of grain and rice. Other villages had less rice.
They ate congee as it used less rice. His family distributed rice to other families.
People that were not so lucky had to eat wild vegetation and yam leaves.
However, he saw nobody starve to death. After 7:00 PM, he and his sister carried tanks of gasoline for the Chinese commander and earned $10. Enemy troops left as soon as they came.
As a result, the situation in the village was not too bad.
There were not too many airplanes.
There was no violence, no corpses.
Not very much war in the this area as it was a rural area. The End This is what a cannon tower looks like. Please Hold Left Until the Prezi is back to the Beginning. Thanks! Beginning Click Right!
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