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Globalization Project

No description

Emily Robillard

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Globalization Project

Globalization is a process enabling financial and investment markets to operate internationally, largely as a result of deregulation and improved communications.
Globalization Project ; Emily Robillard
(Bath & Body Works Candles)

Potential Problems
1. (
Some problems could occur is when the pipes get damaged that come from Canada to the United States. Or even the amount of oil and wick material is cut down and they cant produce as many candles.
2. (
) Some problems could occur when trying to get a hold of the people that ship the products to them. This could even include not being delivered to the store on time because of miss communication.
3. (
) Some problems could occur when the product price goes up or down then it could affect the price that we buy it at. In the supplies increases then they have to raise the price of the candle.
) Some problems could occur if border control is very easy to pass and there isn't enough security.
To start with the main ingredients to make a White Farm Candle (Bath & Body Works) are crude oils, and this ingredient comes from Canada. The crude oils are then piped throughout the United States, and is shipped to Ohio. Next the glass jar is made in Connecticut which is then shipped to the manufacture in Reynoldsburg Ohio. Then the material for the wick is from and formed in Georgia, and shipped back to the manufacture. The candled then are made, then sent to the distributors on put on the shelves of Bath & Bodyworks. You then can purchase these candles and use them in your everyday life.
What is globalization?
Maps Of The Nation (Canada)
Population Density
The four types of globalization
Economic Globalization
- is how globalization has affect all the economies around the world. Also how it effects making goods and transporting them in other countries.

Technological Globalization
- is how we use technology to communicate around the world and how that has help globalization. This includes communication all over the world.

Environmental Globalization-
is how we take like resources from the earth and use them for our lives and how the earth is affected by globalization. This includes how you use resources to make goods.

Cultural Globalization
- is how all the cultures are coming together because of globalization. This how you experience other cultures through food and people.
Transportation Map
Physical Map (Could not find natural source)
The conclusions that I drawn from my first map is the Canada is more than 50% covered in forests, and greenery. By looking at the pipelines maps I've come to realize there a different ways of transporting these goods. Parts of Canada are on the coast line which brings in tourists. Producing the candles in the United States decreases the amount of money spent on gos and supplies needed to make the candles. Southern Canada the population is denser. My hypothesis is that Canada isn't that populated and very tree populated.
Solution for #1 (Environmental)- Canada would have to put oil into barrels, and ship them out by huge tracker trailer trucks to certains paces in the united states, and the places who need it would have to drive to the main points where the oil is dropped off. Over all this means finding a way to pump it out of the ground and finding another way to distribute it.
Good & Bad Relationships with Globalization
- People start forcing their own culture and ways on other people that have their own cultures.
- All over the world people have different cultures that can be learned about and allows people to be different all over.
- Bad- Money is involved in everybody's everyday life and you cant get around without it. This can make people greedy and careless about certain things in life. Good- If people have money they are able to satisfy their wants and needs.
- Bad- People don't take care of the world by littering and causing an great amount of pollution. Good- Recycling and giving back to the environment.
- Bad- Technology has increase the amount of bullying and harassment. Good- Allows you to stay in contact with people around the world.

Relationship I have with Globalization
Globalization can effect me by the way I work and learn. It also makes it harder for us in America to get industrial jobs.
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