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QR Codes

No description

Deandra Jones

on 10 May 2017

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Transcript of QR Codes

QR Codes
in the Math Classroom
What are QR Codes?
Quick Response Codes
Two-dimensional; hold various types of information; scan easily
First used in Japan on cars in 1994
Where do you see them now?
Examples--advertisements, food
QR Reader
Download a
QR Reader on any device that has a camera (SmartPhone, tablet, etc.)
Scan QR Code

Scanned Codes are always available in the history!
Create QR Codes



Voice QR Codes


Uses in the Classroom
Homework as a QR Code to scan going out of the classroom

Warm-Up to scan on entry into classroom

Games/Scavenger Hunts ex. http://classtools.net/QR/create.php

Vocabulary/Word Wall/Flash Cards


Incentives (Homework passes)

Survey/Exit Slips (link to a Google Doc to complete)

Share online projects by posting QR Codes on poster in hallways

Use codes for differentiation. Each level has a different code.
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