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Woman's Sufferage and Civil Rights

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Katherine Rivera

on 5 November 2015

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Transcript of Woman's Sufferage and Civil Rights

Woman's suffrage and civil rights
Everyone's rights
The civil rights movement was movement was very important but a struggle for the africans. In the mid 1950's to late 1960', they had to achieve equality to the whites so they can have housing, education, equal opportunity to work, and the right to vote. It was not until war world ll that they started gathering more force. Ever since the first slaves from Africa in 1619 their was tremendous need for protection. The bad thing was that at the end of Reconstruction in 1877, southern whites took control of the south again.
Woman's suffrage movement
Elizabeth Cady Stanton had 7 kids. Susan B. Anthony babysitted her kids while she wrote sufferage speeches and petitions and let Susan deliver it. The problem was that only woman who were householders and over 30 did not get to vote until 1918. The woman's sufferage did not began until 1848 when the first woman's rights convention was held in Seneca Falls, New York. In 1888, the first international woman's rights were organized.
The woman's suffrage and civil rights similarities
The woman's sufferage and civil rights differences
Their are many important dates and people in the civil rights movement. In May 1992, in Los Angeles, their was a riot because there were officers who started beatring Rodney King. 600 buildings were torched, 50 people were killed, and there was $1 billion worth of damage. That wasn't even that long ago. In 1967, the worst riot in Newark and Detroit was in the U.S. 43 people died and federal troops were beiung called to restore order.
Important people were:
Martin Luther King Jr.
Rosa Parks
Emmett Till
Malcom X

Civil Rights Movement
There are many similarities. They both use banners and slogans to spread their message to the world. They both were fighting for equality, the right to vote, and freedom. They both needed to be protected from people.
They are not alike in all ways but they have alot of differences. The slogans for the civil rights people are more creative and the sufferage people don't have that many creative banners but they are good. Sufferage marchers seem to have a smaller group than the civil rights group. In some of the sufferage photo's, men are not marchers but in the civil rights movement, there are men and woman marching.
Important dates and people in the Civil Rights Movement
Important people and dates in the Woman's sufferage
There are many important people and dates in the Woman's suffrage Movement. The first state constitution in California extends property rights to woman in 1849. On August 26, 1920, three quarters of the state legislatures ratifies the 19th Amendament. American women win
full voting rights.
Important people are:
Susan B. Anthony
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Alice Paul
Lucy Stone
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