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The War That Saved My Life

No description

L Hines

on 25 August 2015

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Transcript of The War That Saved My Life

The War That Saved My Life
By. Kimberly Brubaker Bradley
This story takes place in the beginning of World War 2. Two kids named Ada and Jamie live in London with their mam. Ada has what her mother calls an ugly foot or crippled foot which means that Ada can't walk. The problem is that Ada and Jamie's mam hates them. When the war arrived, all the kids in London went to Kent, England. They were all called evacuees.
8 Reasons
If you like World War 2 books
It evokes emotional responses
It keeps the reader's attention
It reinforces hope and hope is something everyone needs
If you like books that provoke visuals in your brain
If Hitler fascinates you
If you like books that have happy endings
If you like books from the time period of 1939-1949
Miss Smith
Ada and Jamie were a handful to take care of. Miss Smith told them many times she never wanted kids, but did the best job she could of raising them. With all the issues the kids had, Miss Smith had to take care of them herself. She never got letters from the kids' mother for advice nor information. In the story Miss Smith never broke down and never showed her emotional side, which kept the kids in good spirits most of the time, despite the war going on around them.
Ada and Jamie
The biological mother, know as Mam, of Ada and Jamie hated her kids and their father died. This situation made Ada responsible for Jamie and she had to raise him. Ada, who had a club foot, was never allowed out of her room to do anything. This made her very angry. Her mother would abuse her until the day she went to Miss Smith. Both kids were hard workers and very independent. One thing they didn't know was their birth dates.
There were several conflicts in this book. One conflict is that Ada can't walk because she is cripple. Another conflict is that Miss Smith doesn't want Ada and Jamie at the beginning of the story. The biggest conflict is that World War 2 is going on all around them. At the end of the story, Ada's mam, who never wanted Ada and Jamie in the first place, comes and takes them home. This is bad because the children's mam beat them and locked Ada up in a room. She never lets her out and Ada has to go to the bathroom in a bucket.
The Move
Ada and Jamie moved from London to Kent to escape Hitler's bombs. They got onto a train with a handful of other kids to escape. When they got to England, adults came into the town hall, where all the kids were lined up and adults took the kids they wanted. The only two kids that were left were Ada and Jamie. Therefore, the leader of the program, to help the kids escape, put Ada and Jamie with a lady named Susan Smith.
This story began in London, England before World War 2. During World War 2 the kids moved to Kent, England to escape the war. Kent was where the story took place most of the time. Unfortunately, Kent was Hitler's main target because it had the biggest airfield in England. The years the story took place was 1939-1941.
The theme of this story is to never give up hope. Although Ada and Jamie were going through very tough times, they never gave up hope. This was evident when their mother came to get them, but they still made it back to Miss Smith in the end because of their tenacity to live a better life. Having hope put their minds at ease even though the world around them was in turmoil.
The story begins with Ada and Jamie living in London with their mother who mistreated them. Ada couldn't walk and had to take care of Jamie, her brother. To escape Hitler's bombs they boarded a train to go to Kent, England with a bunch of other kids. This is where they met Miss Smith, who would care for them. On the train ride, Ada saw a pony and girl running next to the train. When they got to their house in Kent, a pony was there. Ada found out how to ride the pony, which gave her peace. When Ada, Jamie, and Miss Smith heard sirens, the bombs came and an air war began. One day Ada was riding her pony and was on the hill when she saw someone dig a hole on the beach and put a briefcase inside. She went to the police and they found out it was from a spy. When Ada went back to Miss Smith's house, her mother was there. Ada and Jamie had to go home to the abuse of their mother. That night the bombs came again, but the kids didn't know where to find shelter and almost died. In the morning, the kids found out that Miss Smith came back to save them.
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