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No description

Jake Wolynez

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Name

Sport fans
people who may follow a sports team
people wanting to learn more about sports

Multiple tabs to get from sport to league to team. Also, there are drop bars along with a home page that shows all sports for you to start at, and a favorite page that will contain anything you have added to your favorites.

What makes our app different
No app has all sports/teams together. The one that is similar is very buggy and not updated. Our app will be the only one where you can select exactly what you want. With it you can select every sport, and any team and follow whatever you want, and not have to follow a predetermined path, like some other apps similar to ours.
App notes
With the largest amount of sports teams in any App, this App gives you something that no other one can; infinite sports knowledge at your fingertips. With our easy to use navigation as well as having play by play action you will never be out of the sports loop again.
Pricing for app
We would need consent from all sports leagues to make the app, and permission from ESPN to maybe use some of their sports clips.
That sports app
Jake Wolynez and Mark Kostyack
Favorites tab from which you would start at when you open the app

Video clips of the corresponding sport
Information about injuries, trades, championships in breaking news column.
The app will contain various menus for people to select what sport they want to look at, then what league, and finally any team or players they want to follow
During the Olympics we will have section for the games
Support for non team sports, IE: Archery, and Billiards
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