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Marriage Traditions

Global Studies China Project Period 5-6

Amber Menges

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Marriage Traditions

Menges Marriage Traditions Red is the color used for traditional weddings in China signifying love, joy, and prosperity Bride's down, invitations, gift boxes as well as the decorations of the bride and groom's houses are all red. Before the wedding... The bride secludes with friends
to mourn as a symbol of loss of
friends and family Grooms family takes gifts containing money and personal belongings to the house of the bride It's the big dayyy! Groom is dressed by parents He meets his bride at arrival
of her house bringing money
to be given to her friends in
exchange for "letting her go" In some weddings, it
is tradition to serve tea to
both sets of
parents kneeling
as sign of permission Marriage Ceremony :):) Usually only attended
by couples immediate
family after ceremony...
bride serves tea to her
new inlaws as formal
ceremony then pictures are taken Time for the reception! Elaborate standing
only affair First theres a
welcoming speech Followed by a cake
cutting ceremony, the
only event of the reception Cake has many layers
the ladder the couple will
"climb to success"
Cut from bottom... up Toast is sometimes given now Customary for guests to
shake before leaving
reception Sit-down reception might
take place including a 9 or 10
course meal with musical
entertainment Brides will often
change outfits
more than 3 times
during the reception Proposing: A matchmaker would propose
to the girl with boy's parents. If successful, matchmaker
would recieve gifts and
feasts to show both families
graditude Birthday matching: When the boy knew the
girls birthday and full
name, he and his family
would go to a fortune
teller to predict if they are
compatible Betrothal gifts were given Both parents exchanged
gifts for intention Boy's family treated girls's
family to gifts of food and
clothing, money and tea Groom and bride feed
cake to parents and
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