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baylee proctor

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of dance


What you do with your hair and what you wear plays a big part when you're dancing. When you dance you need to have your hair up and out of you face, because if you don't when your turning your hair would hit you in the face and it could distract you. When you're dancing you should wear shorts and a short sleeve shirt so you do not sweat a lot.
When dancing, based on what dance you are doing you need to have the
shoes. For example, for Lyrical, you need a shoe called a "free from" and that helps make it easier to turn. Lastly, for competition most of the time you need to wear makeup so the spot light does not make you look pale.
Sometimes when you perform in front of judges is really nerve racking but really the judges are just looking to see the
. When the judges score they base it on their
, balance skills, strength and flexibility. In addition, they also make an audio or make a letter to show what the teacher of that dance can fix or how good the teacher did
the dance. The Categories such as
, facial expression, costume, and
is on the score sheet that the judges have. Also they look at the quality of the music, however, it is not really being judged on. When it is time for awards the judges give awards between High Gold, Gold, High Sliver, Sliver and platium.
when you practice for about 8-12 weeks in class you are getting ready for competition to come up. But you can't go on stage until your dance is ready. Also, before competition everyone in that dance needs to know the dance. So sometimes your teacher will make you do it one by one. Before you can go to competition you need to have a costume. When you pick out a costume for the dance it needs to match the type of dance and the song that is being danced too. In other words you need to wear makeup and every body needs to match, unless your teacher tells you not to. Usually, the owner of the studios will hold a dress
to make sure the groups are ready for competition and every think looks good .
picking music
When you pick a dance song it needs to match the type of dance that is being danced to. When you pick a dance song there needs to be a time limit, most of the time you need to edit the song to match the time limit, time limits are made by however many people are in that dance. The
of the music matters a lot when doing competition dancing because it is being judged on. When picking a song for dance it needs to match the the type of dance, tempo and the style.
types of DANCES
There are many totally different types of dances that have similarities and differences. The most popular dances are hip-hop, Jazz, lyrical,
, Tap and ballet. These dances are the most popular types of dances, danced by kids. Sometimes dances are based on your background. For example, the Tango , although people all over the world dance to the Tango, it is most popular in Mexico. Lastly, Dancing doesn't have to be done alone because partner dancing is very common all over the world. In addition, partner dancing is used in Ballroom dancing, Tango ect. Also partner dances can also be labeled as a duo.
-A combining from with the meanings "height",
"tip end",“extremities of the body.
Table of contents
*types of dance
*Picking Song
* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Competitive_dance#Dance_music
adapted or appropriate to the purpose or circumstances
-practice, usually private, in preparation for a public performance
ability with which an artist, writer, dancer, athlete, or the like employs the technical skills
-to manage, maneuver, or direct
-character with respect to fineness, or grade of excellence
There are a lot of things to remember if you want to become a dancer. Such as the types of dance, your appearance, competition, scoring, picking a song. These 5 things are very important when dancing so your not confused about what is happening. If you want to learn more read on to the full pages.
I hope this article was very informational for you and that you learned a lot about dance. Thank you for reading about the following topics: types of dance, appearances, picking songs, competing and scoring.Next time you see or hear a song you feel moved
Jazz shoe
Free forms
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