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Serena patel

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Biometrics

Taylor & Serena

Who uses biometric technology?
Apple: Siri (voice) and fingerprint to unlock the phone (iPhone 5s)

Samsung: S voice (voice) fingerprint to unlock the phone (s5) face unlock (face) scroll with your eye (phone detects retina) air gestures



Our school

In school, we pay for our food and take books out the library by scanning our fingerprint.
When we pay for lunch...
What is biometrics?
Biometric technology is used to measure, record and analyse physical and behavioral characteristics. E.g. fingerprints, retina, iris, voice, face.

This type of technology is used where confirmation of a person's identity is required.
Using biometric technology in our school
A reduces chance of theft
Students do not need to remember to carry money
If the system goes down due to power failure, students and staff may not know what to do
One single biometric could provide access to huge amounts of personal data.
Using biometric technology
Facial Recognition: cheap technology however the device requires camera equipment and can be affected by changes in light, the person's hair and if the person is wearing glasses.

Voice Recognition: it is cheap and verification time is roughly 5 seconds however it can be not very accurate and an illness such as a cold can change a person's voice so it may be hard to detect.

Retina: very accurate however it is very expensive.
Using biometric technology
Fingerprint: high accuracy, most developed biometric, easy to use however it can make mistakes with the dryness or dirty of the finger's skin.

The cost of biometric technology
History of Biometrics
The term "biometrics" is from the greek words "bio" (life) and "metrics" (to measure)

Biometric systems have only become available over the last few decades due to the advances in computer processing.

One of the most oldest and basic examples of biometrics technology is face recognition.
The cost of biometric technology
The video above shows a news report on Florida thinking to ban the use of biometrics in school.
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