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Wendell Middle Media

No description

Linda Dextre

on 19 August 2015

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Transcript of Wendell Middle Media

Wendell Middle Media
Circulation Policy
Students need their agenda to visit the
media center.
If you're visiting without
your class, you'll need it
signed by your teacher.
Before checking out, students need to
attend an orientation.
They receive network logins,
Blackboard logins, other login information
as needed and review
media policies.
The checkout period for print materials is
three weeks for students.
You may renew within the three weeks to
extend your checkout.
Exception: If someone has put a hold on your book, you may not renew.
You CAN put it on hold to get
it again!
Students are permitted to check out up to five items.
You ARE responsible for the replacement
cost of lost or damaged materials.
Only check out what you will be able to manage.
Also, please check out
only one graphic novel at a time.

To encourage more checkouts, we have removed fines for books.
Lost materials still will require replacement fees.
Please return at a timely manner so others can share our materials.
Equipment checkouts require
a parent permission form.
These are same-day checkouts.
At this time, only staff may
check out ipads.
Computers are tools, not toys.
You need to remain on task when using any device at WMS.
You can receive a referral for not following the expectations.

Any vandalism to equipment is considered a major violation.
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