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James Madison jr.

No description

Sierra Blakely

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of James Madison jr.

By: Sierra James Madison Biography Date born: March 16, 1751
Place born: Port Conway, VA
Date died: June 28, 1836
Place died: Montpelier Estate, Orange Country,VA
Married to: Dolley Payne Todd Madison
Had no children, served 2 terms, 1809-1817
Education: College of New Jersey
Job before he became president: planter, lawyer
Was the 4th president
vice president:George Clinton, Elbridge Gerry The Presidential Years After the Presidential years, and Sources In March 1809, Madison and his wife moved into the White House. During his presidency, France and England were at war with them. James Madison tried to trade deals with France and England to stop the attacks they were doing. One time some Federalists plotted to pull out of the USA and their own country. James' friends were surprised that he didn't punish the Federalists for treason. But he wanted people to tell how they feel, even if it was against him. One night, English soldiers came to Washington D.C., and burned down almost every building in the city. But Mr.Madisons wife carried the picture of George Washington to saftey. Some others got The Declaration of Independence and other important things. On December 24, 1814 a peace treaty was signed..... PEACE AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!! James Madison left office because he lost the election of November, 1816. After leaving office, he moved back to his old home. Also Dolley and James threw many partys. Madison now had more time to read the books he loved. he also took part in the Virginia Constitutional Convention and became president of the American Colonization Society. Madison was a very strong president. He loved to read. He also finished college in 2 years.James was the last living man of the Founding Fathers, the people who signed The Declaration of Independence. His wife, Dolley Madison was one of the most popular first ladies of all time. James Madison tried to be a good and just president.
I got this info for a book called James Madison by Andrew Santella. The publisher was Compass Point Books in Minneapolis, MN. Also, it was made in 2003. Thanks for reading!
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