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about the famous bridge in venice

Matilda Power

on 19 September 2012

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the Bridge of Sighs
Ponte Dei Sospiri This infamous bridge connects the Doges palace to the prigioni (prisons). This bridge is often thought of ,and it's name, as romantic. But the bridge was used for taking prisoners of the venetian republic across the canal to have their last view of the city, before they were led down to their cells or even to be executed. Intro the bridge of sighs was designed in the 1600's by Antonio Contino .But he only designed it as an ornament ,with a arching roof ,lattice work and two rectangular windows, with bared window added later on, all made out of white lime stone.When it was finally built later on the Doges palace thought of turning it into the prisoners walk way architecture the bridge is in Venice behind the Doges Palace in San Marco.It crosses over the Rio palazzo Where is it ? map of san marco 1: where is the bridge of sighs

2; who built the bridge

3; what did the architect build it as

4;how many windows does the bridge have Quiz the bridges name, given by Lord Bryan in the 19th century, was supposed to mean that the prisoner were to sigh over their last view of Venice! where did the name come from ? 1:A local legend is if two people kiss on a gondola at sunset they will be granted eternal love!

2; When the bridge was finally built executions were over and many of the people who occupied the prison were small time criminals!

3: The most famous prisoner to cross the bridge was Casanova arrested for crimes against the Catholic religion and imprisoned. Later he escaped over the rooves of Venice. 3 fun facts !
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