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Poetry 8th grade

No description

sam walczak

on 21 April 2011

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Transcript of Poetry 8th grade

Weakness Love is always a weakness
You fall in love with a guy
Then you break up
Sadness begins to fill you
And you cant stop
Thinking about him
You become weak
And lose all strength
Trees and wind hug you
Trying to help
You are scared
Until you move on
You love him and always will Theme- love can suck
Inspiration- love
Elements- simile and personification Theme- don't steal
Inspiration- seeing cops pull
people over
Elements- metaphor and literal Hard Life Driving and driving
Promised myself I won't stop
Flashing lights of red and blue
I didn't want to do it
But I needed this car
Just to see my family again
As I speed up I am a cheatah
But the police can go faster
Now I'm going 20,000 mph
It's raining cats and dogs
Lightning hitting trees around me
A strike hits right in front of me
Swerving, flipping and crashing
I'm suprised I'm not dead
Thrown in an abulance
Taken to hospital
Can't remember anything
Doctor came and said
Because of me my family is dead
Cant wait to go to jail
Maybe it will help me with my life Theme- friendship lasts forever
Inspiration- friends
Elements- euphemism and simile My Super Amazing Poems Frend Love Friends are your life
You tell them everything
They tell you everything
Friends go through alot together
If a family member
Bit the dust
They comfort you
They make life easier
Friends love you
And you love friends
Friends are like the fox and the hound
Meet eachother
And friends forever
They go through breakups with you
Thats love
Friend love Death Theme- death is the worst thing
Inspiration- a friends family member
Elements- euphemism and figurative Death sucks
It doesn't matter
Who it happened to
A friend, a family member or yourself
No one should die
It makes others miserable
When a friend kills themself
You might do the same
Or you end up depressed
No matter what
Death will find you
At a restaurant
Or at home chilling out
Disease or no disease
Young or old
It comes after you
No one should want to passaway
But it still has to happen
To everyone
It is the way of life Runaway Walking in the woods
Can't see anything
Hitting trees
Scared for my life
Trees are screeching at me
Hearing people yelling
Now I'm running for my life
So confused
Just a runaway
People trying to kill me
Or trying to help
Don't want to stop
Risking my life or not
Who knows what will happpen to me
I'm like an ant
Now running slower
Stop and dug
Camouflaging into the ground
Heard feet stomping by
Morning rises and I'm safe
Want to go home
But I don't know where I am
Maybe I'm not safe Theme- alot can happen if you runaway
Inspiration- book
Elements- personification and simile Eagle Cave In the darkness of caves
Running around
Crawling in mud and water
Having a lot of fun
Getting stuck
Seeing bats hibernate
Hearing laughs of friends
Anger looking for black crystals
Telling ghost stories around fire
Playing video games
Following scary dude
Into dark woods
Getting wet like an otter
It is echoing hello to us
Hidding in smaller cave
Inside of Eagle Cave
With 3 friends
Loving every moment
Funnest trip ever
Eagle Cave Theme- remember awsome memories
Inspiration-best school memory
Elements- personification and simile Trees For Tomorrow 6:00AM
On a crowded bus
Riding for 120 hours
Sleeping in dorms
With 4 friends
Eating junk food
Walking in dark woods
Guys trying to scare us
Great food
Trying to make fires
Using 12 matches
Identifying trees
Falling in snow
We were like wolves and deer
Following scents of deer
Finding them
Becoming friends with new people
Playing ninja before classes
New experiences at Trees For Tomorrow Theme- Remember good times
Inspiration- school memory
Elements- simile and hyperbole
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