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Science Fair

Science Fair, Mrs. Austin

Miranda Bosse

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of Science Fair

The effect of soda on tarnished pennies
Miranda Bosse. 3b. Mrs. Austin-Datta
The purpose of this project is to find out which color of soda is the most corrosive.
If you drop tarnished pennies into darker and lighter colored soda then the darker colored soda will clean the penny better than the lighter colored soda because the darker colored soda has more ingredients in it to color it darker
Testable Question
What is the effect of soda on tarnished pennies?
Hello! My name is Miranda Bosse and this Prezi is my 2013 Science Fair Project. This project focuses on soda and pennies.This project also took place over a time period of one week. Now on with the project :)
Materials List
1 2 Liter of Walmart Great Value Coke
1 2 Liter of Walmart Great Value Mountain Dew
1 2 Liter of Walmart Great Value Rootbeer
1 2 Liter of Walmart Great Value Fanta
1 2 Liter of Walmart Great Value Sprite
Tap Water From Sink
50 Pack of Walmart Great Value 8 Ounce Styrofoam Cups
Pen or Pencil
Piece of Paper
Working Clock
Painters Tape
1) Fill 7 plastic cups for each of the five sodas with exactly 1 cup of soda. Be sure to label each cup with the type of soda it has with tape and a marker. 2) Fill 7 cups with regular tap water and label. 3) Drop one tarnished penny into each of the cups. The pennies dropped into the cups of water will be the control. 4) Every day for one week check the pennies and record the data of what you see. Check each penny at the same time each day, twice a day. 5) Each time you check the pennies, flip them over. 6) Record your data.
9/24/2013 Day one, 7 A.M. - No change to any pennies in any solution.
9/24/2013 7 P.M. - 1 penny was completely clean in Coke and Sprite. 2 pennies were completely clean in Rootbeer. All pennies in water showed no effect.
• 9/25/13 7 A.M. / 7 P.M. - No change to any pennies from the previous day
• 9/26/13 7A.M. / 7 P.M. - All pennies in dark solutions begin to lose the bronze color. All pennies in light solutions begin to get shiny. The water begins to get darker but no change in the pennies.
REsults Cont.
9/27/13 7 A.M. / 7 P.M. - Pennies in all solutions continue to get shiny. However the pennies in the dark solutions continue to lose the bronze color.
9/28/13 7 A.M. / 7 P.M. - Pennies in all solutions continue to get shiny. However the pennies in the dark solutions continue to lose the bronze color.
9/29/13 7 A.M. - Pennies in all sodas now are losing their bronze color
9/29/13 7 P.M. - All pennies now have lost most bronze color. The pennies in the water still no show no change but the water is grey.
Coke / Sprite - One fully clean penny
Mountain Dew / Rootbeer- Two fully clean pennies
Water / Fanta- No clean pennies
My conclusion is that my hypothesis was partially proven right. My hypothesis is partially right because the most amounts of pennies cleaned in one type of soda was two, and in Rootbeer there were two fully clean, as well as in Mountain Dew. So, the color of the soda doesn’t depend on the Corrosiveness, the ingredients do.
For this project, I dropped pennies into different types of soda and recorded the data, twice a day at the same time, for one week. The purpose of this project is to see which color of soda is more corrosive.
My evidence proved my hypothesis to be halfway right because one of the most amount of pennies cleaned was Rootbeer and the other half was Mountain Dew.
In the beginning, the lighter colors showed more hope than the darker colored sodas. The sodas I used were Rootbeer, Mountain Dew, Fanta, Coke, and Sprite. I also used water as my variable.
I would recommend additional experimentation for this project because one week time is not long enough to actually tell if the pennies would be fully affected by the soda or not. I would also recommend using more soda brands and pennies and research on the ingredients in the soda that makes it corrosive
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