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Copy of Template - Ambassador Weekly Report

No description

Jiaqi Mao

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Template - Ambassador Weekly Report

Prezi U Ambassador Weekly Report Weekly Report Name: Jiaqi Mao 1 What I'd like to see from you Update on what you have accomplished the previous week Make sure to include: 2 What you have planned for the next week Update on your SMART goals (include link to your action plan prezi) 3 Be Specific.

Again these weekly reports should be for reporting on big events, best practices, specific things on campus that have been very successful or unsuccessful, challenges, etc. Tips Also, for pitching blog posts, awesome prezis from your campus you'd like to share, etc.

Please keep the structure, so that I can easily navigate.

It's okay to report that you began something, or researched something. Not everything happens inside one week, and preparatory activities may take time and add value. Due Sept 10th Highlights You can copy any of these "elements" and add throughout the year Accomplishments
Finished Prezi@HAN Facebook Page and started its promotion Completed Action Items
Communicate with the director of international office and asked him to help start a Prezi workshop for teachers Next Steps/To Do
Talk to student associations to start a workshop on certain topics while promoting Prezi
Put Prezi Poster in the HAN school yard
Go on promoting the Prezi@HAN page and add at least one interesting Prezi everyday to attract funs Addt'l Comments
The method to promote Prezi is by using it to present interesting topics like social media, latest technology, arts, etc. In this way, can people realize the beauty of using Prezi themselves, this is the best way of selling Link to Action Plan: http://prezi.com/1esin9d5nncu/edit/?auth_key=sc5qjho&follow=gl3ehvpllyrk Date Last Updated: 2012/09/10 Feel free to add new categories or zoom in to add some depth
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