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Copy of Othello Activities

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dawn kukuzke

on 22 February 2018

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Transcript of Copy of Othello Activities

Othello Activities
For Othello you are going to create your own Prezi about the play using the assignments below. Create an account, choose your theme, and get started. It's easy!

Othello Act IV Activities
Make a symbols poster and write under each symbol what it represents in the play
Keep making a list of references to "Honest, Iago"
Write a paragraph explaining whether Iago uses ethos, pathos, or logos to persuade Othello and then whether Othello uses inductive or deductive reasoning to draw his conclusions
Act I Activities
Make a list of all of the lines where Iago is referred to as "honest" (continue for the whole play)
Make a list of all of the racially derogatory comments made about Othello citing the lines
Find references to the motifs of black/white - light/dark and animals - make a list (continue for whole play)
Make a comic strip of the three major events of the Act at http://www.makebeliefscomix.com/Comix/#

Othello Act II Activities
Copy and paste this picture into your own Prezi and write a quote in each bubble which shows how Iago will ensnare everyone else analyzing his soliloquy. at the end of the act.
Othello Act III Activities

Continue to add to your list of "Honest, Iago" references

Design a tattoo for Iago on this arm. Include a quote to support your design. Follow this link below.

Othello Act V
Make a list of at least three theme statements/topics
Create a Playlist for the play selecting a song for each Act and write the title and artist (play the song if you can) and explain briefly your choice.
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