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Noise Pollution PIMR

Causes Origins,How science can give a solution to this,etc..

Nakul Chauhan

on 4 October 2016

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Transcript of Noise Pollution PIMR

Noise Pollution
Noise Pollution can come from:
. Traffic noise
.Trains (railroads)
.Constructions or demolitions
.Dogs and other animals
Causes of noise pollution.
Effects of Noise Pollution
The word noise,comes from the latin word"nauseas",which means disgust or discomfort.
Noise Pollution is a human-created noise,harmful to our health or welfare.
Noise Pollution is excessive,unpleasant human,animal,or machine-created environmental noise that disrupts the activity or balance of a human being or an animal life.
Noise pollution is recognized as a controllable pollutant that can cede to moderation technology
What is Noise Pollution???
Scientists have invented new windows that can be energy efficient
but they have also invented new windows can block a lot of outside noise.
The effects of noise pollution are.
.Deafness (temporal or permanent) is one of the most common effects of noise pollution
.By being surrounded with too much noise,people can be victims of some diseases like blood pressure,mental illness,etc..
.Noise Pollution can also affect plants and vegetation because they need a cool and a peaceful environment and Noise pollution causes a bad quality of crops.
.Noise Pollution also damages the animals nervous systems.
Source: http://what-is what.com/what_is/noise_pollution.htmlurces
How does science
improve the situation??
But scientists have also invented a quieter electric lawn mover.
They have also invented a rubber mat where you can do noisy things over or on it(dishes, hammering, etc.)
There are also earplugs , which have the ability to reduce noise by almost 20 dB, which allows the person using them can be located in noisy environments without any problem. It is used by operators and other workers in some noisy industries.
By Nakul Singh Chauhan
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