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The Mountain of The Contemporary Art By Enrico

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terza c

on 16 February 2016

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Transcript of The Mountain of The Contemporary Art By Enrico

The Mountain of The Contemporary Art
The Top
of the contemporary art
Thank you for watching !
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The Dadaismo
The Dadaismo was born in switzerland in 1916.The target of the movemente was destroy the previous art, it was necessary for the creation of a new art. The moviment was short. The Dada moviment creates the ready-made (ready-made=gia fatto/già pronto). They take any object and remake it.
New Dada

Was born in the United States. They inspired from the Dadaismo. Is consired the bridge between the Action Painting and the Pop Art. The object painting from this movement are of consuption
Pop Art
The Pop Art was born in England. The Pop Art reproduct the object and the imgaes of the new consumistic society. The artist mark their boringness and the works are makes with industrial tecnic.
The Graffitismo was born in New York. It's a moviment simbol of a protest and trasgression. In the begginning was a street art but in the time become a artist moviment. The moviment want to find the immediatelly Pop Art was excluding.
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