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Pirates of the Caribbean presentation

No description

Thomas Fischer

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Pirates of the Caribbean presentation

Pirates of the Caribbean:
The Curse of the Black Pearl

Ordinary World
Tests, Allies and Enemies
Jack needs to escape from the island
he must form a crew
he must find a ship
for that he goes to Port Royal and allies with Elizabeth and Will
after E. is abducted, J. and W. have to search for and rescue her
The Ordeal
Jack gets stabbed by Barbossa and has a near-death-experience
he doesn't die because he immortality he achieved by the curse
Return with Elixir
Jack is taken aboard by his crew and gets full control over the Black Pearl
Captain Jack Sparrow's Hero's Journey
Approach the Inmost Cave
Call to Adventure
Meeting the Mentor
Crossing the Threshold
Barbossa mutinies against Jack
Jack is left alone on the island
Thirst for revenge as his inner mentor
Jack is the Captain of the Black Pearl and is sailing over the sea
first approach to rescue Elizabeth
second approach to kill Barbossa
sword fight with Barbossa
The Reward
Jack kills Barbossa
he can finally take vengeance
The Road Back
Jack is taken to Port Royal to be hanged by the gallows
The Resurrection
Jack is being rescued from the gallows by Will and Elizabeth
he makes his escape from the Royal Navy
Captain Jack Sparrow's effeminate masculinity
hair decoration
no guilty conscience
drinks rum
flirts with Elizabeth on the island
heroic arrival at Port Royal
The crew of the Black Pearl
In Port Royal
Elizabeth is a noble woman and daughter of the local governor Swann
expected to marry Commodore Norrington
wearing long dresses
has to be protected
her requests are ignored
she wants to break out of her situation as a white noble woman
On board of the Black Pearl
Elizabeth denies her noble origin
she gives up on the feminine manners she was taught by society
various locations
Elizabeth fearlessly fights Barbossa and his crew
exploits her sex to intoxicate Jack to fulfill her own plan
her change in gender does not get acknowledged by British society
-->Elizabeth changes from her dress to a male navy uniform and flees
Back in Port Royal
Elizabeth steps on contrary sides to English society
chooses a life in piracy & freedom over one in society & captivity
her breakout of her former gender gets accepted
In Port Royal
Elizabeth: aristocratic woman
Will: blacksmith apprentice
they've known each other since they were kids
Will calls Elizabeth "Miss Swann"
In the end
Will overcomes the social class system by confessing his love to Elizabeth in public
Elizabeth risks her life stepping on one side with Will to protect Jack
Their relationship gets acknowledged by Elizabeth's father and Norrington
On their journey
Will becomes Elizabeth's savior
Elizabeth can't accept the relationship before revealing her lie concerning his origin
Will is willing to give his life for Elizabeth's safety to regain his honor
typical male only group
lack hygiene
alpha male
owns his own room
governs without mercy
entertains his crew
Gender Roles
strange walking
hands up
elbows bent
The relationship between Elizabeth and Will
Elizabeth's development
Thank you for your attention
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