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Transgressions in Anthem

No description

Robert Ludwig

on 26 November 2016

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Transcript of Transgressions in Anthem

In the opening chapter, Equality 7-2521 writes down his thoughts in a journal. This action is considered a transgression in his society, as everyone must share their thoughts with their brothers. This is the first instance when we see that Equality 7-2521 is a free-thinker and has a mind of his own.
Equality 7-2521 writes in a
journal regularly
Equality 7-2521 has both physical and mental differences.
Equality 7-2521 has physical differences, such as being taller than his brothers. His Teachers have pointed this out to him and have told him there is evil in his bones because of this. Equality 7-2521 also has mental differences because he is much more intelligent that many others. The Council of Scholars recognizes this and assigns him a specific job that does not require him to use his intelligence.
Equality 7-2521 conducts scientific experiments.
Equality 7-2521 conducts scientific experiments in his tunnel. This is yet another transgression because "men must think." He has not made the Council of Scholars aware of his tunnel, which is also forbidden. Regardless of the laws, Equality 7-2521 enters the tunnel alone, steals materials for his experiments, and conducts the experiments. Since he is not a Scholar, this is another transgression.
Equality 7-2521 has made the choice of preference.
Equality 7-2521 has friendships with International 4-8818 and Liberty 5-3000. This action is considered a transgression because citizens of the community are not allowed to put one person over another. Equality 7-2521's fascination with Liberty 5-3000 is also a transgression because "men are forbidden to take notice of women, and women are forbidden to take notice of men, but we think of among women, they whose name is Liberty 5-3000, and we think of no others. Men and women are not to have relations with one another unless it is in the House of Mating, and even then it is an arranged meeting.
What is a transgression?
Transgressions in Anthem
What other transgressions has Equality 7-2521 committed?

Of what do these transgressions remind you?

Do we have "rules" or "laws" that are set forth for us that are similar to the rules in Equality 7-2521's society?
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