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The Social MEDia Course: Introduction

Social Media in Medicine and Healthcare

Bertalan Mesko, MD

on 3 October 2015

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Transcript of The Social MEDia Course: Introduction

Then what is Web 2.0?
Who are e-patients?
Tennessee Woman Arrested for Facebook 'Poke'
The Google Story
From Twitter to Tumblr in Medicine
Medical Community Sites
Medical Search Engines
Editing Medical Wikis
How can social media be used in medicine?
The basics of social media
Following your name, practice or field of interest online
Being up-to-date with RSS
Methods for being up-to-date easily
What is microblogging?
The Medical Blogosphere
What is a blog?
The World of E-Patients
How can doctors and patients communicate online?
Search professionally
1,5 billion


No. of web-savvy profs
No. of E-patients
Definition of a drunk medical student group on Facebook
Evidence based medicine is the key!
Google Flu Trends estimates off
not as accurate
at estimating rates of laboratory-confirmed influenza as CDC national surveillance programs, according to a new study from the University of Washington.
Selleck Waterfall Sandwich
Strange blogs #1
The history of Google
16 topics
Web 2.0 = Social Media
Web 2.0 = Social Media = Internet
Social networking
is not new
Homeless man goes to Hollywood
Negative examples
Kim Jong-Il looking at things
Strange blogs #2
Dunbar's number
a theoretical limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships.
What are wikis?
Everything you have to know about Wikipedia
It's not about technology
The aim is

NOT to make you all web-savvy
NOT to make you spend more time online
NOT to persuade you the web is crucial in medicine
Social Media in Medicine: Introduction
Bertalan Mesko, MD, PhD
Medical Futurist
Brought to you by
Take home messages
Social media is the internet, just a form of communication
While there are dangers, social media can be useful in medicine
Know about these issues and spend your time efficiently online
Same rules apply for real life as for the internet. Behave and communicate as a professional offline and online.
Thank you for the attention!
Send suggestions
Take the test
See other courses
The internet has been changing many things in medicine
Time management
Doctors' routines
Practice management
It couldn't change one thing though
Surfing the web
4th, August, 1991
Sir Tim Berners Lee created the first version
First browser
The story of world wide web is not a long one...
European Organization for Nuclear Research
Old form of web
(Web 1.0?)
The social web
(Web 2.0)
IT knowledge is
Users create content
I edit Wikipedia
I write blogs
I comment on medical papers
Website administrators create content, we follow
Communities arise
Collaboration becomes simple
Some of the most famous segments of social media
There is no physical difference
it does not matter what we call it
It takes efforts to update that many connections
Positive examples
Icelandic volcano caused air travel issues in 2010
Interactive maps about the volcanic ash and airports on blogs
Social hashtags on Twitter helped find travelmates
Monty Python's free web video increased DVD sales by 23,000 percent
CNN Acquires CNNbrk Twitter Account With Nearly 1 Million Followers
Co-authors for a future paper found on Friendfeed.com
Good idea spreads via social media, developer gets a job
Airline breaks his guitar, he writes a song which gets viral
Millions of views on each video even if she does not have a message or any content
Social media channels are considered communication channels
But it should not be used for private communication
+The Long Tail effect
years to watch all the videos
million entries
million active users
links indexed by Google
The landscape is changing
Social media map from 2008
Map about last years
Rapid turnover in the Web 2.0 space
This huge gap must be filled by proper education
Doctors publish inappropriate content
Privacy is no more
Doctor got sued for blogging inappropriately
Another doctor did not as he knew the limitations
See more details in the Blogging course!
Tools to fight the dangers with
Curation through crowdsourcing
The Health On the Net Foundation promotes and guides the deployment of useful and reliable online health information
You can conpare search queries on Google Trends
It's social, innovative, but useless in medicine!
Always check the literature first!
The world's first and still only university course about social media for medical and public health students was launched in Debrecen, Hungary in 2008
It was presented at the 2011 Stanford Summit
Take all courses and pass all the tests to get all the badges and the certification!
Course materials have been published there, but from now this set of courses will serve as the repository of information
Join us on Facebook or discuss the course on Thecourse.Webicina.com!
But to know how you
can be web-savvy
if you want
But to know how you can
spend your time efficiently
But to know how you can
meet the special needs of e-patients
Positive and negative examples
Which search engines you should choose
Search tricks
Google search tricks
Google tools in medicine
How can you become a successful medical blogger?
Success stories
How can you use Twitter for crowdsourcing?
Building professional networks
What are the most famous medical community sites?
How to behave as a professional online?
How do they use the web?
How to help transform a Googler into an e-patient?
What is Wikipedia?
Can I use it in medicine?
Becoming a medical editor
What can I use a medical wiki for?
How can I create a wiki?
Social Media in Healthcare: Hospitals and Practices
Is social media useful in healthcare?
Collaboration Online
Alternative solutions
Methods for collaboration
Practical examples in medicine
New Media in Medicine
Mobile apps and the world of mobile health
What is new media?
Youtube and video sites in medicine?
Education in the Social Media Era
Is medical education modern enough?
What resources can I use in my studies?
Virtual Worlds in Medicine
Virtual reality examples
What is a virtual world?
How can such environments be used in medicie?
The Future of Social Media from the Medical Perspective
What does the future of medicine look like?
What is the future of social media?
What trends and changes can we expect?
How can hospitals use it?
How can I build my practice in social media?
How should it be transformed?
The Social
ia Course

You can

on courses

them with your friends!
and get the

(one try every day - 90% success is needed)
(database is constantly updated)
Innovative flash format
If you earned all the badges
Medical Education
If you know these, you have come across social media
Becoming a singer after school video gets viral
Social media includes web-based and mobile technologies used to turn communication into interactive dialogue.
By Wikipedia
The Social
ia Course

First website

of US adults look online for health information according to the Pew Internet Research
Why should you deal with social media at all?
1) It can save you time and efforts.
2) A lot of patients and medical professionals are using it.
3) Doctors are communicators and this is the most widespread method for communication online.
4) Basically the only efficient way for global collaboration and information sharing.
The No. e-patients is also growing.
E-patients are empowered, enabled, engaged, electronic and equal!
They use the information they find online in their health management.
When a UK physician sent me an e-mail in November, 2011, that he would travel to Hungary every week for 3 months just to attend the course, I decided to create a global version, The Social MEDia Course.
In medicine and healthcare, social media can provide an
amazing number
of opportunities!
If used in the right way and with strategy
Medicine 2.0
It refers more to the doctor-patient communication and technologies
Health 2.0
It refers more to shaping healthcare with web 2.0 tools and concepts
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
It defines in 18 identifiers what a doctor should not write about their patients online
Web 2.0 was first used by Tim O'Reilly
294 billion e-mails are sent.
2 million blog posts are written.
172 million different people visit Facebook.
532 million statuses are updated.
250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook.
864 000 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube.
Whatever content you publish online,
it will hunt you forever!
So whatever you publish online, ask yourself a question
Would I be worried if 1 million people saw it right now?
If the answer is no, you can post it online.
Quality and Certification Program
of Medical Websites
Founded by the Medical Association of Barcelona in 1999.
This is why is course is needed!
A story about how social media can be used in medicine.
Social Media in Clinical Practice
Proof of the long-tail effect
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