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White Board Prezumé by Awais Ahmed

No description

Awais Ahmed

on 7 August 2016

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Transcript of White Board Prezumé by Awais Ahmed

Accounting, Auditing, Economics, Business and Finance qualifications. Eligible for CPA Professional pathway and CIMA management level exemptions based on these qualifications.
Corporate Experience
Melbourne, Vic

Education & Certifications
The Resume of Awais A. Memon
Wrote a blog to
guide academic scholarship
applicants on how to write good applications for scholarships

Working on another
blog regarding challenges faced by
Public sector auditors
Traveled to different countries during the last 4 years for Professional, Academic and Personal reasons
Institute of Business Management, Karachi
Dashboard Reporting, Financial/Non-Financial Analysis & Monitoring tools:
Tableau, Cognos and Excel
SQL tools:
ACL and MS Access
Banking Transaction System:
Temenos Globus

ERP Systems:
SAP and Oracle
Sure, how many do you need?
That's me
References available upon request
University of Manchester, UK
MSc Development Finance - Economics concentration (Lived and studied in the UK 2014-15)
BBA-Accounting and Finance 2004-08
MBA-Finance 2009-10
Assessed by Vetassess Australia positively
Assistant Director Internal Audit
State Bank of Pakistan BSC > 5000 Government Employees (2010-15)
My Objective
Use my skills
knowledge &
to improve
business performance
and operations
On a fully funded British government scholarship that covered airfares, UK living allowance, tuition fees and various other incidental costs
Conducted Financial, IT, Compliance and Performance Audits
Performed financial analysis and developed system
reports to facilitate audits and monitor
Friendly, energetic, determined, innovative presentable & tech-savvy
Yeah, that's me!
Business, Financial Planning and Brand Consultant roles
Performed financial analyst roles, developed & executed marketing plans and BTL initiatives. Always achieved or exceeded allocated targets
Some achievements as an Auditor:

Developed and implemented Continuous audit and surveillance, audit rating and compliance rating frameworks

Conducted Business Analysis for implementation of Audit software

Designed over 50 financial and non-financial reports for performance monitoring

Developed and managed partnerships with the Bank of Canada and Reserve Bank of Australia
Frameworks and Standards:
Statistical & Econometric tools:
Stata, Eviews, SPSS
Some other Specialized skills
IT & General procurement audit
Health Service audit
Health & Safety Audit
Corporate Plan Evaluations
KPI analysis
Contract Audit
Report development
Project Audit
BCP & Change Management Audits
Swiss Pharmaceutical giant with firm presence in Pakistan (2009-10)
Visited the OECD (in Paris), United Nations (in Geneva), Bank of Canada (in Ottawa), European Commission (in Brussels), OSFI (in Toronto), Imperial College London and Canada-Pakistan chamber of Commerce (in Toronto) to discuss various Public policy, Development, Cooperation, Performance monitoring and governance matters
That's me
This included Turkey, UK, Ireland,
New Zealand, Canada, Malaysia,
Switzerland, France, Belgium,
UAE, Australia & Pakistan
Stuffed bell pepper;
first dish free for my
hiring manager
@ the UN Trade Commission (Geneva)
Presenting on Indian
Capital Account Liberalization experience
Add me on LinkedIn to know more about me:

In short, I am a Finance and Audit professional with proven accomplishments in areas such as business improvement, performance evaluation and audit management. I have competently performed risk based audit planning, cross-functional interviewing, control testing, performance reporting, financial data summarizing, report designing, process benchmarking, strategic planning and internal consulting
Courses studied:
Economic Development
Public Sector Reform
Poverty Reduction
Economics of Governance & Development
Contemporary issues in Development Finance
Research Skills - Econometrics, Probability theory & Statistics
International Finance for Development

Research Project (Applied Econometrics):
Exogenous constraints on cross-country Institutional quality & Governance - Dissertation
Senior Management
Customers, Business & Data
I am the assurance & performance monitoring bridge between the business and senior management
regulations and
“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”
"Before you assume, learn.

Before you judge, understand.

Before you hurt, feel.

Before you say, think."

Senior Auditor
State Government of Victoria
Mar 2016 - Present
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