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Mountain gorillas

They are so cute

Shimmy Jawanda

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Mountain gorillas

Mountain gorilla A Lot of the time we humans think that we don’t have enough land to build more houses and we humans think that taking other creatures lands such as the mountain gorillas is okay.Mountain gorillas have never caused trouble for us and destroyed our home, and wanted us to find a new cycle of life then why are we putting their lives in danger.It’s maybe because people think that there creature and where human and there’s a huge differences,but there's really no difference between gorillas and humans you might think that but there just like us humans.

In the world of tree swingers and banana lovers there is one specie that is endangered and that is the mountain gorillas. Mountain gorillas have been dying because they have lost their habitats and their population has decreased caused by us. Well how their population has decreased is because they get poached,hunted down,and die looking for food

People have been inspired to help mountain gorillas because they are these creatures that are the first creatures alike humans and we should help them not kill them.But do you truly feel the pain they do. Mountain gorillas have been on our planet for years and all we have done is destroy their homes. Maybe these creatures are not totally like us but that doesn’t mean we should kill them. Mountain gorillas are just like our friends so we’re not going to hurt them but we are going to save them The End

Mandeep You can help by donating money or stop by destroying there homes each year because these creatures go throw a lot of pain when we hurt them.
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